Tuesday, 14 August 2018

CV Work Car

May 1973 Palmer, Ma. Bruce Nelson photo.
Here we have another nice photo by Bruce Nelson of a Central Vermont work car...George Dutka

Monday, 13 August 2018

Water Tanks

Along the main street in Tottenham, Ont. is this old water tank. I took the photo in March 2018.
 Don and I recently discussed how would one weather a water tank such as those offered by Bar Mills and Tichy. We both have done a Bar Mills model black with a bit of light weathering. Here are two tanks I photographed in the last few years that might be of use to you when painting a water tank...George Dutka

This tank is painted a lighter colour and is showing some rust streaks.

This water tank is next to the CSX yard in West Springfield Mass. during a visit in 2015. Some nice rust on the top with a dark green body and yellow lettering well faded.
A few months ago in the NMRA magazine there was this article on a portable layout. The backdrop was a photo which included this water tank. Adding the water tank as a photo in the background really can be effective.
My tower which is a Bar Mills kit.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Berlin Mills Boxcar

An interesting boxcar found in Berlin, NH. July 23, 1974. Bruce Nelson photo. Note the trucks. I would believe by this point the car is used as storage.
Here we have an interesting BM RY boxcar that I think would be neat to include on ones New England layout. Thanks to Bruce Nelson for allowing me to share it with you...George Dutka

Saturday, 11 August 2018

CN Locomotives - London, Ont.

These engine's look might be of interest to someone modeling rust-buckets. They are getting kind of tired looking and some taggers have even left their mark. July 31 2018.
A look at a pair of engines located at the top end (East end of yard) London, Ont....George Dutka

Rapido - Proto Paint Lids

My damaged lid is taped up. Not much left in that bottle so that should do for a few more weeks. I now use a rubber band on the lid if it is stuck on with dried paint. I also add a second band on the bottle for my finger to get a better grip.
I noticed that the lids on Rapido's Proto Paint are a thinner weaker metal than used on many other model paints. One needs to be careful that the glass bottle threads are kept clean as the lid will distort and come apart if pliers are needed for removal of a stuck on lid. On my haze bottle I used pliers to remove the lid and found they dug right through the metal putting holes into the lid. I am now using a broccoli elastic band on the lids and really clean the jar treads before closing...George Dutka

Friday, 10 August 2018

Rapido Covered Hopper

This is the heavier weathered side although the overall weathering is very light.
I recently applied a little weathering to my CN covered hopper. The car looks really good right out of the box but on one side there was a couple of paint flaws. These I hid with a rust spot and rust scratch along the side. Some light PanPastels applied and all is well. The second side is left with less weathering. I began this project with two coats of Rapido flat haze to tone down the overall appearance...George Dutka

I did add a bit of roof top spillage.
The dirtiest area of the car was the trucks and wheels. MIG powders from my friend Gary Pembleton are what I used.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

August Update

Lettering a car after it has been painted. I have a group of photos that show the process in 1939 of painting and lettering rolling stock. Seems like they did not have any Champ or Walthers decals back then. I will be posting this series of photos shortly.
This past weekend we had temperatures nearing 40c (humid) so I had a good amount of time in the basement. I think I actually have had more basement days this summer than any other summer. Not a bad thing as it has given me time to clean up a few projects I had began in the spring.

I have also purchased a lot of paints, detail parts, rolling stock and structures from the Bob Bowes estate. Bob was a excellent rolling stock builder who liked to modeled trains running through NY State...meaning a lot of New England cars and kits. He also had his own home road named equipment, but everything is very detailed and nicely done. I purchase maybe 20 (but in actual fact over 30) pieces of rolling stock plus some kits which still need building, all his paint and a good amount of structure kits and detail parts. I now have a few hundred jars of Floquil to sort out and to store away.

The railroad paint I recently acquired. The big box has a few trays of unused bottles.
 So over the next month I will be showing you a good amount of rolling stock, mine and Bob's.
 I do have a backlog of prototype posts and one throwback Thursday by Peter. I also have a couple of before and after structures for you to see. So when I am near the internet I will keep up on my posting. Now that we are into the second half of this summer I guess I will see if the weather keeps me in the layout room or up at the lake...George Dutka

Two of Bob Bowes hoppers which are I believe Tichy models. They were in the $5.00 box missing the odd coupler or stirrup. Will not take much to get them rolling on the WRD.
A new acquisition this spring was a dummy engine built back in the 1980's which all I did was apply weathering. I actually tried a new technique of clear-coat peeling and chipping which went extremely well. I will cover this engine shortly or better yet check an upcoming CARM issue for the full story.
From the Bob Bowes estate I picked up two 1929 CPR mini-boxcars built from Yankee Clipper kits, one for Peter and one for the WRD.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Station at Goderich, Ont.

July 18, 2018 the station is seen receiving a new roof. Note a worker painting the trim in one of the peaks.
The past few weeks the ex-CNR station in Goderich has been getting a facelift. Some new paint and new roof so far is what I have seen on three visits in July...George Dutka

A week later on July 26, 2018 a good portion of the roof is finished.
All these photos are taken with my new phone.
As the station looked on July 31 2018
A lot of the roofing is done although there is some trim that is rotten and needing replacing.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Hamilton, Ont. - June 2018

June 2018
Peter and I stopped by the yard in Hamilton, Ont. on our way to the Rapido BBQ in June. Things are going to change in the fall with CN taking over operations once again...George Dutka

Southern Ontario heading out with a string of garbage cars. GO platform is to ones left.
Southern Ontario pulls out a track to be doubled over before departing to another area of Hamilton.
It appears some cars that in the past handled garbage loads are now used in scrap aluminum service.
Could this full load of scrap be headed to a nearby plant for processing.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Modeling a Rusty Old Car

An old rust bucket car for anywhere I feel an old car looks right.
Here is a look at how I weathered one of my practice model cars....George Dutka

A coat of flat finish followed by a coat of alcohol and india ink. The rust spots are done with a coat of acrylic burnt umber and burnt sienna.
To tone down the rust spots and to add some general grime I used MIG and PanPastels.
The rust spots are then streaked with light rust.
This car is a cheap model that was nice to practice my weathering on and I think it looks pretty good...I just don't want to see a car like this in my own garage.
Not much to this car.
A last look at the car. Note the MIG powder gives it a kind of overall rust look to the roof and hood. I added a license plate which is a FOS scale offering reduced from O scale to HO.

Friday, 3 August 2018

B&M #110 - Scale Trains

With a lot of Bud beer moving over the White River Division during the summer more boxcar are required.
Scale Trains has a nicely lettered “shake the box” kit offered in a few B&M numbers. A nice review of this kit is found in the August 2017 issue of Model Railroad News. This kit is as basic a kit as a kit can be and is reflected in the price. I feel this one is a real bargain. This car has been offered in the past by Details West in 1979, Atlas in 1996 and Athearn in 2004. But for us B&M fans this one comes already lettered B&M with assembly being very basic. One can complete this project in no time at all. On my model although no additional details are added I did spend sometime weathering it up to reflect the look of my White River Division fleet.
What you get in the box.
The paint and power used to weather the under-frame, wheels and couplers.

This B&M class RBL insulated boxcar was designated for Bud beer service. These cars were designed to protect cargo from the extreme temperature swings without the use of mechanical refrigeration or heating equipment. The B&M fleet was numbered in the 100-119 series. These cars had a 16-foot twin plug door opening being delivered in 1969 and 1970. 

The roof got a coat of flat finish followed by a coat of India ink in alcohol. Some acrylic burnt sienna and burnt umber are applied along the edgers.
To finish off the roof PanPasels are applied.
Being a double door some scratch marks are added on each side. I used Acrylic paint applied with a fine brush making the line by dabbing dots in a line.
Once I was finished I found a prototype photo which showed the location of the ACI label which was then applied. At the same time I applied air hoses as I had some available.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Red, White and Blue State of Maine Potato Cars

State of Maine NH and BAR cars pose on the WRD.
A group of red, white and blue potato cars were used by both the New Haven and BAR railroads. I have had a Yankee Clipper model of the NH car built by my friend Warren Dodgson for a number of years. He did a really nice job including brass etched roof walk and nice trucks. Recently an estate has come available that included a group of nicely built craftsman kits. Bob Bowes main interest in the hobby next to operations was building rolling stock kits for railroads that ran through New York state as this was the area he liked and modeled. I picked up maybe 15 to 20 of his cars. Some I have kept and others I knew that Peter Mumby and Don Janes would like...although Don is giving me a really hard time regarding a Westerfield boxcar we both really like. So far he has offered a Rapido covered hopper for it but I think he will have to up the anti. The BAR model I offered to Peter as I know he would  really like it. So now we each have red, white and blue...George Dutka

Warren Dodgson's model in the foreground which is now in my collection.
Peter Mumby's new acquisition in the foreground built by Bob Bowes.
The blue on the BAR car is a bit lighter than required but some PanPastel weathering will help this out.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Jason Jensen - Structure Craftsman

This is the structure that Jason designed and now is offering as a kit in conjunction with a laser kit producer.
I am not a Facebook guy but I was told about a gentleman on Facebook that builds amazing structures and has designed and offered a kit for sale recently. With my wife being a Facebook person I asked her to look up Jason Jensen's page or site whatever you call them. Jason is a very talented modeler that puts model structures on Facebook regularly. I don't know any more that what I could see in a few minute in Facebook. For those on Facebook you might want to look him up and tell him for me that I really like his work. My wife copied a few photos for me to my files...by the way I just learned how to text last month after my son gave me a cell phone. There was a problem getting a hold of me at the lake as this year we don't have internet. I did not see any problems...I am home this morning to pick up my wife before returning to the lake...posts might be limited this week...George Dutka

This structure I believe is a kit-bash of a few structures from FOS.