Thursday, 9 April 2020

Throwback Thursday - Voiture D'Evaluation de la Voie

Track Evaluation Car CP 64 poses in front of the station at Havelock, Ontario on July 17, 1995.
By Peter Mumby.
The panel at the other end of this car reads "Engineering Services Track Evaluation Car," so you don't have to look far if you need an English translation.  CP 64 was originally a passenger car belonging to FEC.  A Pullman Standard product of 1954, subsequent owners included SCL and Amtrak.  An electronics guru could have a field day modelling the various lights and markers on the business end  of this piece of equipment.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

A Farm Scene For The Green Mountain Division

A B&M freight passes through the cut in front of the new farm scene

 Filling A Corner With A Don Janes

     A while ago George posted some photos of a corn field on my layout that I had recently finished.  That field is part of a new farm scene I have been working on it for quite some time.  I can say now that I think the scene is near completion. I had a fairly large empty corner to fill on my layout and decided to create a farm scene since there are lots of farms in New England.  There is a scene a little further down the line that depicts a pasture and a farm in the distance represented by a photo of a barn behind the trees but this new scene is an actual farm yard. The farm is set on a higher piece of ground with the railway tracks running through a cut in front of the farm.  Behind the barn is an old wooden road bridge that helps bracket that end of the scene. Structures include a farm house, barn, garage, hen house, windmill and a small shed full of tools and supplies.  The background is a photo backdrop I got from SceniKing (now out of business) Actually it is just one photo I made copies of and glued to the wall. Although it is all the same photo I tried to vary the height and orientation to make it look different. Also, there will be trees in front of it here and there to break it up.
These two photos show the structures in place with just the basic ground cover in place. The white hen house is not the one used in the finished scene
The structures are from the following manufacturers.
Farm House, Silo, Hen House (laser wood kit, out of production) - Walthers
Barn - Sylvan Scale Models
Windmill - Woodland Scenics
Garage and small shed - Fine Scale Miniatures (from Crocker Bros. feed mill kit)
    Once the structures were set in place a basic coat of scenery was added.  I built up the scenery in layers as I went along, adding dirt for the driveway and farm yard, various ground covers for the greenery and static grass and then bushes.
     Not having any farm experience I am sure I have missed some details but can add them as I learn what else would be found around the farm yard.  So far I am happy with the way the scene is developing.
The overall scene shows the road leading to the farm, the corn field and farm buildings and the tracks going through the rock cut in front of the farm. The wooden bridge is the right hand side. The backdrop still need to be added beyond the barn and road.
A closer look at the farm yard and structures. You can see where the paved county road ends and farm lane begins.
This view is from the end of the bridge looking across the tracks to the farm. You can see the photo backdrop used for the tree line.
Here is a closer look at the hen house, barn and shed. 
Two views of the farm house and garage
Another view of the B&M train passing the farm

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Monday, 6 April 2020

Hunterline Stains and Kits

A message from Rick Hunter...George Dutka

Hi, we didn’t anticipate that this day would happen. The base of our Weathering Mix is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. All alcohols are being used for hand sanitizers, so we are unable to purchase any.
We still have a limited supply in the USA, but when that is depleted, it is gone. As each color reaches zero inventory, it will be removed from our online store. If it is still listed, it is still available. We will update daily. As things improve, watch our online store for availability again.Our kits are basically in the same dilemma, but we have a pretty good supply both in Canada and the USA. Continue modelling and BE SAFE!
Thank You Rick and Maureen Hunter

Finishing Foster's Milk

Foster's Milk with all the signs included attached. I actually used a few again on the other side that I had photocopied. The kit comes with three milk cars. I used a few more from my stock of Tichy cans. Juneco garbage can, broom and figure adds to the scene.
Here are some construction photos for Foster's as I worked away on this project...enjoy...George Dutka

The doors are assembled and end gables are glued together. The decking has the wood ends planking attached. One can see the square piece has been cut out of the base which is right at the door. I put it back in as the doors are open. It is the cupola roofing that actually is too small and very thick anyhow. I cut out a new one from the leftover scrap wood flooring in the same kit.
Glueing the wood deck to the cardstock base needed some weight to keep it flat. The platform supports are being glued in place.

The platform is completed and ready for some stain and paint. I used india ink and alcohol over the entire structure then Floquil grime coat full strength.
The walls are given a coat of Floquil grime followed by some sponged on white acrylic dollar store paint. The edges with get a rub of AK pencil rainmarks.
 The roof is painted acrylic black. The roof is then ready for tar-paper. The milk cans got a brush coat of silver acrylic paint. The kit came with a metal two box casting which got a coat of Model Master wood colour paint. The cupola is about ready to be attached. I used chalkboard green paint for the trim from Dollar Tree. The stencil is painted using a sponge and blackboard black paint from Dollar Tree.
I made the roofing from black construction paper coated lightly with auto primer gray. I then scuff it down, cut a few random grooves as wear marks and glue it on the black roofing. Bragdon powder dark rust is added to the seam lines.
The quarry scene is removed and my new milk station is added at the end of the spur line. I forgot to mention on the walls I pulled up a few boards and added nail holes. The end doors are modeled to open inwards and are also painted green.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

What's in the Box No. 41

The instructions and what one sees in the kit are pretty straight forward.
Another kit of the month offering which I built earlier this month is Foster's milk. All parts are included in this FOS kit. It was a nice build with no issues...George Dutka

The doors are all laser cut wood. I really like using the stencils included in many of the FOS kits. I keep them all together encase that are needed for another project.
The walls are glued and squared up. The platform had two cut outs that one needs for the build. The hole that is square, I put the piece back in place as the doors are open and a floor is needed in that area.
The finished model ready for the WRD layout. One thing the kit did not come with was ladders...they are needed to get up on the loading platform. I used RailroadKITS freebies handed out at a past Expo. The Bordens sign is a photocopy from a photo I took a couple of decades ago along the D&H. An old creamery had the sign leaning against the wall. I think it works out well on one wall.

Baggage Cart

The finished cart on the Bellows Falls platform.
Jim Sloan gave me these two baggage carts little over a year ago. They are a cast metal kit. He mentioned they were something he could not use since he models a more modern era. Thanks Jim. Check back later today for another post...George Dutka

Once assembled I gave the carts a coat of Princess Auto cast iron.
I used chalk to colour the wheels and cart body.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

A Sunny Morning Railfanning - London, Ont.

I lucked out and found another CP heritage unit on Friday April 3, 2020. I also got a few views of the train doubling over in the yard. I called Peter Mumby and he headed out after lunch to the Komoka area to catch the WB freight. It will be interesting to see what he saw.
I was out yesterday morning railfanning on the CP here in London, Ontario. This is a great self distancing thing that one can do at least for now. The day is coming were we will not be allowed out of our homes. I spent most of the morning in the car watching and waiting by the yard and enjoying a thermos of is what I found...George Dutka

The reason for heading over to the CP yard other than it was a sunny day was that Brian Smith mentioned there was an old Soo line engine in the mix lately. The power laying over for a late morning start.
I wonder how much more time this engine has on the CP.
I always like seeing what CP has in the yard at the west end...the only area one can get a good shot from the roadway. I load of poles could make a great modeling load.
There was a string of brand new cars.
How about this paint job.
Too bad this good looking hopper got tagged.
I took this photo from the William St. crossing as the WB doubles over. There is a nice little berm one can stand on. The signal is for EB trains to either head down the main track or head into the yard. The train is on the yard lead.
While the train was stopped to get the switch I headed west from William St. about half way to the next crossing to capture this view.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Another Change at Bellows Falls

This small Walthers structure is not something one would have found in Bellows Falls but adds a lot of extra interest at the crossing. Although there is a lot of prototype buildings found in Bellows Falls, I am OK  adding what I like.
Back in February I spent a week working on the layout, mainly adding and changing structures. I already showed you Foster Milk station that I swapped out at the quarry site and a wide area in Bellows Falls yard. Today's view of a structure I added to the foreground near the freight house in Bellows Falls is a Walthers shed that I detailed at Trainfest 2018. I was not sure were it would be used at that time but for now it looks at home in this location...George Dutka

This scene did not take me long to put together. I placed a small piece of Gatorfoam were the building sits, contoured it with plaster and gave it a coat of earth coloured paint. Some sand, ground foam and details finished it up.
I set a boundary for this scene using a section of Bar Mills fencing.
An overall view of this end of Bellows Falls. The building behind the freight house was changed out shortly after taking this photo...I will show you it over the weekend.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Throwback Thursday - The C&O Canadian Division

The CSX shop tracks in Sarnia, Ontario were well populated on April 23, 1994
By Peter Mumby
For many years, C&O/Chessie/CSX operated a line through Southwestern Ontario linking Detroit and Buffalo.  The midpoint of this route was at St. Thomas, site of the Division's major yard and shops.  The western half was called the Blenheim Subdivision, and the eastern half (St. Thomas to Buffalo) used trackage rights on the NYC/PC/CR Canada Southern line.  At Blenheim, there was a junction between this east/west mainline and the Sarnia Subdivision, a route which ran between Lake Erie and the international border at Sarnia/Port Huron.  Sarnia, with its numerous petrochemical industries, was always a busy location both for C&O and CN, it's major interchange partner in the area.  Today, little remains of the Canadian Division.  The Detroit - Buffalo route is a thing of the past, with only the north west end of the Sarnia Subdivision still in use as an industrial switching line.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Snapshot - March 2020

CN switching the Hamilton yard. Sept. 8, 2019. An nice mix of power to see.
Last fall I attended an old timers basketball tournament in Burlington, Ont. on Friday and Saturday. Sunday on my way home I took a sidetrip into Hamilton to see what had changed. Now CN does the switching in town and I found GO trains running through to Niagara Falls on a regular schedule...George Dutka

I was not in Hamilton all that long but caught two GO trains, one heading to Niagara Falls and one Toronto bound.
There are a nice group of bridges and raised banks that one can view what is happening in town.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Bellows Falls - WRD Update

There is a wide strip between the yard and trackage running north through town. I finally got around to detailing this area.
You saw a view of some work I had done in Bellows Falls a couple days are some more views all taken with my phones camera...George Dutka

This small BarMills shed was located at the quarry before the milk platform was is working well near the diamond.
As one might notice the switch stands still need to be installed. The small coal dealer is a FOS kit of the month structure. I will cover this one shortly. Behind it is the Rutland Ry. sand house.
I had some extra BarMills fencing that I added near the background and in front of this little ITLA structure. I had covered this laser cut kit a couple of years ago. The section shed is an updated building I picked up at a train show awhile back. It has also been covered last year in a post.
The CMW Mini Metal's high rail car is new to the layout. I got it at Springfield this year. The B&M baggage car is an old Sylvan shell I turned into at storage shed.
A drone style look at the structures I added to this small strip of land.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Night Views with William Gill

Along the old Rutland Ry. William Gill photo.
William Gill contaced me yesterday with the following comments...we connect from time to time regarding New England railfan photography. He is a wonderful night photographer and also does some modeling. His father Bill Gill is also a very good modeler and has had a few articles recently published in RMC. Check out his Facebook page with the link below...George Dutka

"Quite a while back, I saw one of your White River Division posts on E
C Crosby & Sons and have wanted to shoot there at night. Finally, with
the B&M/PAS detouring over Vermont Rail, I was able to get some shots
in on the GRMC and B&R."...Will

Trains at Night

Will caught the NECR at the Vermont-NH bridge at Windsor, Vt. This would be a very tricky shot to do as the bridge is a good distance from where Will is set up for the photo. I have no idea how he set off the lights that far away. Good work Will.
I took a similar photo during the CV days. I actually was balancing on the guard rails to get up high enough to take this photo. I could not imagine getting this photo at night. Sept. 30 1994.


Saturday, 28 March 2020

FOS - Lowery Seafood

FOS kit of the month club.
Here is a look at how the structure looks now that it is finished. It did not take long to put this one together...George Dutka
A close up look at the weathering and paint colouring of the walls.
Once I had done all the paint and weathering I ran an AK pencil - rainmarks along each board which highlighted the edges. It adds a subtle look to the boards.
The whale weather-vane is an Alder Models detail I added to the roof. The trim is a coat of Floquil grime first then covered with a light coat of Floquil old concrete. On this kit the doors went on last. I normally model them opened up inward. I found it too hard to get them on and swinging in so the open outward.
The rear wall is pretty plane but well weathered. The kit came with a oversized chimney which I set aside for another project. I just made a smoke stack from a piece of styrene rod.
I modeled a couple of windows as broken glass. The fish sign is actually a photocopy of the sign in the plans that I just cut out and rusted up.