Sunday, 20 May 2018

B&M Faded

A B&M comparison.
I used my Proto haze paint the other day to fade one of my two B&M RS-3's. Here is what it looks like with 3 coats of haze...George Dutka

On a run along the WRD. The weathered unit will stay out for my summer contemporary era. It may get a bit of Acrylic rust over the summer.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Two Wooden Row Boats

The finished handout from a past Fine Scale Expo. These free handouts from Full Steam Ahead are really nice models.
Yesterday Don gave me these two row boats in kit form that he got at one of the first Fine Scale Expo's we attended...funny I did not get one...must have missed that table. Anyhow I was tied to the phone for two hours this afternoon waiting on calls to setup some appointments for my mother as I am not around the rest of the week. I decided to take a look at what was in the kit while by the phone...things began to that two hours both boats were finished. Guess this post helps make up for the ones I will miss posting this week...George Dutka

This is what was included in the package. The instructions were not really that clear but the kit is easy to figure out.
Each boat is built up from six sections. Some sanding is required to smooth things out and angle the bottoms. One boat is modeled as flipped over.
I gave the whole boat a coat of Hunterline Corvan brown then a wash of acrylic white on the sides. Some green grunge is appled to the bottom with a few Panpastel shades to the interior and oars. The wooden bracing is not included. I also added a few nail holes were the wood is attached with copper nails.
The second boat is a flipped over version which is also simple to construct. I just leaned extra oars to the the hull.

WRD Blog Update

Don's newest Rapido engine is out for a run from the WRJ yard.
Yesterday I was in Sarnia to pickup some boat parts and stopped in on Don Janes. My visit kind of delayed a pile of dirt in his driveway being moved to the lawn and garden. I had a chance to see one of the new Rapido engines operated in his White River Junction yard. After my short visit I headed out (and before he found an extra shovel) picked up what I needed for the boat and headed home along Confederation which follows the tracks back to London. I did make a short stop at the VIA station and found an interesting sight as seen below.

With my boat going in tomorrow and staying at the lake for a few days there will be no posts till at least Sunday...see you then...George Dutka

A bit is changing in this scene. The white structure is moving in here to it's new home once a new slate roof is applied.

A GMD-1 is being used as extra power moving a cut of cars in front of the VIA station.
Two additional GMD-1's are seen on the shop track at the Lambton Diesels Specialists These three engines, 1437, 1444 and 1412 were built around 1958.

Running back through the yard light. This engine was being operated by the lead unit 7046 which is in belt pack mode.

MEC/D&H - Rust Bucket

Anyone car to model this car..January 26, 2018
On a sidetrack at East Deerfield, Ma. was this well used hopper car. It appears to be still in use as a number of cars are sitting in this siding loaded with rail yard waste...George Dutka

Monday, 14 May 2018

LVRC 4116

For a modeler that is into the later years of the LVRC here is a neat looking car that would make a great model. It came from Sean Steele via Jim Sloan. This photo Sean got from a shoe box full of pictures purchased in Jackson, Ohio over 10 years ago.  The guy who sold them to Sean had no idea who took them.  Many of these photos have been posted to the Fallen Flags Web site...thanks guys for sharing...George Dutka

Sunday, 13 May 2018

What's in the Box No. 31

A look at what was in the package. The instructions are minimal but not really needed.
I placed an order to FOS Scale a month or so ago. I ordered this two pack of barges that I plan to use on my waterfront diorama when it comes together. More on that later.

This kit is a quick build and has some nice details included. There is a nice sheet explaining general glues and painting techniques for modeling FOS Scale kits...George Dutka

Laser cut wood details. Tichy barrels are also included.
The boat is a two part body. The bow needs to be sanded down to form an angle to the water.
Views from FOS Scale web site. A really interesting little model.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

New England Fire Hall - Second Look

Looking down at the paper slate roofing that I coloured in various gray shades.
Here are a few more views of the finished model...enjoy...George Dutka

The mortar on the chimney and base is done using Roberts Mortar mix. One just brushes it on, wait a few minutes and wipe off the excess.
The sign is a copy of one found on Bob Bennett's fire hall published in the January 2011 RMC. The siren is painted with my new rust weathering mix of vinegar and steel wool pads inserted.
Some boards are pulled up and nail holes added. I used mainly Bragdon powders to weather the areas around the pulled up boards, upper corners of the structure and on the roof. Some streaking is applied under the windows. The windows glazing is sprayed with dulcote and paper blinds are installed.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Mount Blue Model Co. - New England Fire Hall

My finished fire hall.
I recently finished my Mount Blue Model Co. fire hall. It is slated to be included in a waterfront scene I am thinking of building as a stand alone display...more on that later...George Dutka

A look at the walls assembled. The kit went together really well and the instructions are as good as most. The photos included really helped.
Some of the boards are pulled up. The nail holes are added once painted and weathered. I find the nail holes stand out more when I do them last...will show you the tool I use in another post. I only used the door skins and not the build-ups as that would make them really thick when viewed open.
I did not have a fire truck and with the doors modeled open I needed something in there. I found an old truck (from my storage bin from 30 years ago) that I thought would look similar if I paint it red. One only will see the front end. I also added a horn from my engine parts bin which was painted silver.
I did something different with the wall colouring. I normally stain then apply washes of colours. This time I used full strength dollar store paint. Acrylic warm white on the walls, bright white on windows, doors and trim. The red is a Christmas bright red. I think the full strength paints are a bit thick but look good. I probably will go back to my go-to method of using thin washes in the future with PanPastel and Bragdon powder highlighting.
A look inside the open doors. The roof is still off and one can see a lot inside. This will change shortly when the structure is closed up. The colour selection was influenced by Bob Bennett's fire hall found in a 2011 RMC article.
The brick base, door trim and large door are all painted with dollar store red paint. Weathering to follow.
The roofing paper was painted with a mix of these acrylic colours. I then added some dark and light streaks randomly to the roof which adds varied interest. Anita's charcoal and rainy day gray are the tones used and the chalkboard paint is a gray black tone.
An overall look at all the roof sheeting. It took two full sheets and a portion of the third to complete the roof.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Throwback Thursday - Remembering CN 238

In this circa-1986 photo, GTW 6410 East is speeding the traffic of CN's Laser Train past the CN/VIA building in downtown London, Ontario.  At the split second when this exposure was made, the power had just entered the Dundas Subdivision, while the piggyback traffic was still strung out along the Strathroy Subdivision.  Renumbered from 410, the lead unit still looks good in its original coat of Detroit Toledo and Ironton orange paint.
By Peter Mumby

During the mid-1980s, one of the hottest trains on CN's Strathroy and Dundas Subdivisions in our area of Southwestern Ontario was #238 and its westbound counterpart.  Typical power for this operation was a trio of GTW (ex-DTI) GP40-2 units.  These locomotives became a part of the CN family with the absorption of the DT&I by the GTW IN 1984.  In the photo of GTW 6410 east included with this post, the three units have all received their GTW numbers (by using the simple addition of 6000 to the earlier DTI number), but the leader still wears its original orange paint.  Also still present is the distinctive DTI nose bell.  These three diesels were all 1972 products of EMD.

Trailing the power was the piggyback traffic of CN's Chicago-Toronto Laser Train.  Since this route involved the use of CN's original 1889-91 Sarnia-Port Huron tunnel with its limited clearances, trailer traffic was accommodated by a series of well cars designed specifically for this service.  Once the new (1993-94) tunnel was opened, normal piggyback cars could be used on this route (along with auto racks and double stacks).

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Snapshot - May 2018

The day before the Schomberg Ontario Narrow Gauge Show (April 20, 2018) I stopped by Guelph Jct. and found 181 laying over. It was nice to get the station sign the OSR truck and the end of an engine into a view with sunlight.
Staying with the OSR theme here are a few more views...George Dutka

Looking down in the OSR shop during the WOD tour.
Following the OSR shop tour Peter and I headed to Woodstock to catch the OSR return movement, but found the OSR train just a short way out of Ingersoll. I got this spring looking view right in town. Seems the squirrels had moved the bulbs into the bushes or maybe this is just an overgrown flower bed.
Peter Mumby is across the tracks from me capturing a different angle from my shot above...note that's me in his photo behind the pole in the left of the photo...sorry for hogging your view Peter.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Ontario Southland Ry. Shop Tour - WOD/NFR/NMRA Event

The WOD gang pose for a group photo with OSR 383.
On Saturday Peter Mumby and I attended a WOD day in Ingersoll. It actually was our local NMRA election day and both Peter and I escaped without commitment. Two clinics where held in the morning and a tour of the OSR shops in the afternoon...George Dutka

Overhead view.
Friday's power selection.
Extra signs
The dead line is full of history.
This old CP plow now has new OSR lettering.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

What's in the Box - No. 30

Although there was a lot of information in the instructions the parts location list was the most helpful.
At Springfield this year I purchased a rural fire hall from Mount Blue Model Co. I really like the looks of this smaller than normal fire hall. It is typical of many found throughout New England. The kit really goes together well and the material is easy to separate...George Dutka

The laser cut sheets.
Some nicely cut brickwork for the base.

The fire house is well under way. I stained the flooring before beginning the assembly. The doors will be modeled open with possibly a fire truck inside.