Friday, 18 August 2017

Snapshot - August 2017

EXPORAIL entrance June 2017
Nothing unusual about this photo at the entrance to ExpoRail other than it got me thinking of a modeling project. I still have a short piece of completed Micro Engineering bridge works that maybe I could use as an engine display stand similar to what we see in this photo...will have to measure it up. I am sure this will make another topic for a post...George Dutka

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sn3 Narrow Gauge Modeling

Back in June Don and I visited Bill Scobie's Sn3 version of RGS North. Bill lives in Alymer, Quebec across from Ottawa. For more views of Bill's great layout check out my Modeling Maine in Narrow Gauge blog, link on the sidebar...George Dutka

Don and I operated on Bill's layout. We actually both operated the same train as seen here Don is running the lead engine while I am back a way running the helper engine while getting railfan shots...not your normal operating session.

Bill has a lot of really nice kit and scratch built rolling stock in most sidings.
One of the many scene we ran our train though and in many cases switched.

Monday, 14 August 2017

St J.&LC - Equipment

May 22, 1977 Gord Taylor photo
A couple of photos Gord took decades ago in Morrisville, Vermont...George Dutka

A string of cars on the old St. J. May 22, 1977, Gord Taylor photo.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Growing the GTW Boxcar Fleet

This is the original member of my small GTW boxcar fleet.  It was modelled from a photo I took in London in March of 1986.
By Peter Mumby, with Photos by George Dutka.
I suspect that, like me, a lot of readers of this blog will have spent many hours over the years perusing the pages of hobby magazines such as Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman.  As recently as ten years ago, in a preliminary scan I would have sought out the ads and new product announcements in search of interesting rolling stock items to add to my "want list."  With the recent proliferation of price increases, I have pretty well cured myself of this tendency; my interest in acquiring the newest freight car releases has become inversely proportional to these rapidly rising costs.  Mind you, I find myself still buying items; I am simply concentrating on the used market.  Over this past train show season George and I have located a plethora of products at a practical price point (i.e. in the $5.00 to $15.00 range).  These have been good quality cars, such as Life-Like Proto 2000 and Atlas, either in kit form or ready-to-roll.  Often, all they require is a light weathering application, and they are ready for the layout or display shelf.  Case in point - the GTW fifty foot boxcars shown in the accompanying photos.

Here we see representatives of this year's acquisitions arrayed on George's workbench.  In the background are similar projects that George will be undertaking.

GTW 595468 is a lightly weathered Atlas model.

This drone shot highlights the roof area of GTW 591268, a Proto 2000 model.

GTW 591599 is another Proto 2000 model.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Railfanning in Northern Ontario

A Northbound CN freight skirts along a quiet lake south of Parry Sound.  The second unit still sports its original BC RAIL paint scheme

CN and CP in the Parry Sound Don Janes

     Every year we set aside a couple of weeks to go camping at Horsehoe Lake Campground, about 15 km south of Parry Sound.  The first year I was there I heard the constant sounding of train whistles so set out to explore the area for possible train photography.  Both CN and CP pass within a few miles of the campground and I now have several favorite spots to from which to watch trains. The three spots featured here are Rosseau Road where the two railroads come within a few yards of each other, the secluded lake beside the CN main on Lawson Bay Road and the CP town of MacTier which was once a busy division point but now only a crew change spot with a couple of sidings.
    Although lines are on the two railways transcontinental route, traffic can be very light some days and getting a train photo can entail a lot of waiting.  The upside of that is that sitting by a peaceful lake on a summer afternoon with a beer or two can be very relaxing.  
    Although the north and southbound VIA Canadians are scheduled through here in the wee hours of the night I was very fortunate to catch a very late running northbound Canadian with a huge train pass through in mid afternoon which was the highlight of this years train watching. 
      Next year I hope to get some shots in Parry Sound where the CP has a huge trestle over the mouth of the bay and the CN line crosses a really neat dam further in town.  The two railroads do direction running through Parry Sound so you can catch trains from both roads on each line.  Until next year.
Shortly after the train in the above photo passed through a second CN intermodal train passed by my lakeside location. 
My next outing took me to Rosseau road where within seconds of my arrival this southbound CN welded rail came drifting around the curve.  I barely had time to turn the camera on.
About an hour after the CN train passed this giant southbound CP intermodal train came along with only one unit on the head end. the CN main is to the right.
About two thirds of the way back in the train was a DPU unit pushing hard as the train neared the crew change at MacTier.
My favorite shot of the trip. The Northbound Canadian with 3 units and a very long consist skirted the lake.
Bring up the rear was dome/observation car Prince Albert Park.
Shortly after the VIA passed another CN northbound freight came along.  There would be one more CN freight before I headed back to the fifth wheel for dinner.
Back at Rosseau Road a few days later I caught this northbound CP freight with 2 units on the point and another DPU cut in about halfway back.

As soon as the 8772 passed Rosseau Road I hightailed it to MacTier to catch the crew change.  Here the outgoing crew is getting a roll by inspection from the inbound crew.  In a few more hours the train will be in Toronto

Friday, 11 August 2017

Tuesday Railfanning

Along River Rd. CN EB container train approaches the crossing just east of Komoka, Ont. This day there are 4 units on the train, 2188-8885-2326-2282.
 On Tuesday Aug. 1, 2017 I did not plan on doing any railfanning as I drove home from the lake. Passing over the crossing near Komoka, Ont. on river road a CN EB was approaching. This is the same location I posted April 2017 Snapshot. I picked the same location although it is now kind of overgrown but enough of a gap to get a half decent view. Then it was off to the CN credit union which now is combined with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union. The CN credit Union used to be in the VIA station but now is a couple of blocks away. As I passed the Via station I noted #72 EB was arriving with a Canada 150 unit on the lead. So another unplanned stop is made and a few quick photos are taken before I was escorted off the platform. These days the station area is all fenced off with only ticket holding passenger allowed through the gate and onto the platform. The side gate was open where a cart is normally pulled I walked in. Back in the day I knew everyone working the ticket office and platform in London, but that is not the case these days....they are all retired and it has been 8 years since I last worked in town. As it turned out it was a pretty productive morning for a trip home from the lake. It was lucky I have my camera in the car most days through the summer...don't want to miss a sunset at the lake...George Dutka

The Canada 150 VIA unit on the head end of VIA 72 Windsor to Toronto on the London platform.

VIA 72 also had a 150 coach in its consist.
The VIA station platform in London has a nice selection of Canada 150 banners.

A Canada 150 poster inside the VIA station London.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

What's in the box No. 26

A new addition to Imagine That collection of kits is a roof detail offering.
The roof detail kit offered by Imagine That I found interesting and possibly useful. The kit has a lot of neat details I can add to some of my finished building tops and of course to my new "Imagine That" building flat. The kit comes with a well detailed manual which can help with assembly...George Dutka

The roof detail laser cut sheets are all well labled.

The manual has a lot of detailed views of the parts included.
Above and below is a look at some of the completed models with lots of roof details on display at this years NFR convention. Most of these details are included in the roof detail kit.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Montpelier Junction, Vermont

May 22, 1977 Gord Taylor photo
More views from Gord Taylor, this time Montpelier Jct....enjoy...George Dutka

July 19, 2010 one can see the order board is gone and a new station sign. An unloading facility is now found behind the station. Gord Taylor photo.

May 22, 1977

Saturday, 5 August 2017

What's in the Box No. 25

At the NFR convention I picked up my newest kit. The displays are built by Dave Ross.
I picked up this kit this spring at the NFR convention in Kitchener, Ont. Imagine That Laser Art Scale Models is a local company which has set up shop just outside of my hometown of London, Ont. They have a really nice line of laser cut building flats which can be built in a number of variations. One of their newer and price friendly kit is D. V. Ross. I purchased this kit along with their roof detail kit and interior detailing set. If you are going to attend this years Fine Scale Model Railroad Expo in Altoona, Pa. check out their booth. Will let you know shortly how this kit went together...George Dutka

All the parts are named making it easy to locate. The booklet has a lot of detail and photos.

All the details are well cut, easy to remove and clean looking.
The base has etched bricks, man hole cover and cracks in the concrete.

Another look at the same kit. Note the brick edges are modeled as concrete. Also the top area is also concrete. Electical conduit is also run up the one side of the building.

On this version many of the windows are  boarded up.

Friday, 4 August 2017

You're My Soul and My (Prototype) Inspiration

Propped up on George's workbench is the HO scale casting that prompted this search for prototype inspiration.  George Dutka photo.
By Peter Mumby

This past January, while attending the Paris (Ontario) train show, George located a box of partial structures and building components.  We agreed to split the cost and the proceeds.  My eye was caught by a building facade, and I immediately knew where I was going to get some photos of similar prototypes.

I was scheduled to attend the Cobourg show in early March, and would be staying with a high school-era friend in my old home town of Port Hope.  Situated east of Oshawa on the shores of Lake Ontario, Port Hope is a town noted for its hilly topography, its stately Victorian homes, and the classic architecture of its well-maintained downtown core.  Oh, and railfans hardly need to be reminded of the twin viaducts that carry parallel CP and CN tracks over the valley of the Ganaraska River adjacent to the harbour!  But on this occasion, my camera would be trained not on the railway tracks, but on the building fronts lining the downtown portion of Walton Street.  Although I found no "dead ringers" for the HO scale store front in my possession, I did see enough similar structures to give me the prototype inspiration I was seeking.

This nicely-maintained group of structures line the north side of Walton St. in downtown Port Hope.

These photos were taken early on a Sunday morning, so vehicular and foot traffic were at a minimum.

These structures are located at the base of the hill which leads Walton St. towards the west end of town.  All prototype photos were taken on March 05, 2017.

This view looks to the east toward the Ganaraska River.

Here we see the building at the east end of the downtown area, next to the river bank.

This structure on the south side of Walton St. features an updated look with its modern replacement windows.  The top three levels make up a private home.