Thursday, 18 January 2018

B&M - Shop Billerica

A cab salvaged from scrapped New Haven RDC-3 128 is ready to be grafted onto collision damaged Boston & Maine RDC-1 6117 at the B&M's Billerica shop. April 1971 Ton Nelligan photo
Tom Nelligan allowed me to share this photo with you of a chop job that was going to be done at Billerica, Ma....George Dutka

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A CP Rust Bucket

An overhead view of my new acquisition.
I purchased this covered hopper this fall at the Kitchener train show from Chris Wright. It is a really nicely weathered car. Not sure why Chris wanted to unload it (maybe something to do with the new Rapido offerings out now) as he models CP through Northern New England into Maine...but I am happy to have it. I recall Chris telling me a solution which is actually real rust was painted on the car...George Dutka

A view of both sides of this interesting looking covered hopper.

Monday, 15 January 2018

GTW Operations on the WRD

A updated Athearn switcher is leading a caboose hop over the White River Division.
Here are a few views of Peter's GTW engine collection out on the WRD with my caboose...enjoy...George Dutka

A more modern looking engine...not sure if this one, in this paint scheme ever saw a caboose.

GTW crossing the White River.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Fall New England Visit

A look into the shop area of Rigby yard in South Portland, Maine Oct. 13, 2017.
Although this was a non-railfan road trip through New England this past fall with my wife, she was OK with a few stops if only for a short time. Here are a few views from our October trip...enjoy...George Dutka

At Rigby yard one could find some second hand CSX engines now numbered for PanAm but with MEC lettering.

An up close look Oct. 13, 2017.

A quick stop at NECR yard in Palmer, Ma. finds two units on layover, Oct. 14 2017.

This NECR engine is still in its original least for now. Palmer, Mass. Oct. 14, 2017.
I took a good group of photos of this NECR engine parked out front of the White River Jct. station on Oct. 11, 2017. I really like how it is weathered and it might become a project at some point.

A look at the cab out front of the WRJ station.
Ghosting on NECR 437

Friday, 12 January 2018

A New Tank in Westboro

My new tank is applied to the Westboro scene on the WRD.
Back in November I installed my fuel depot tank in Westboro. The site is actually really small with room only for the tank. The facility is abandoned so it might have once had a structure....George Dutka

The base is a Gatorfoam leftover that I have from my N scale layout project. I needed to remove the N scale coal dealer from the display board for my module project. Nothing gets wasted. Some cloth is used to hold it all in place.
Before I made a cut into the scene I test fit the Gatorfoam and tank.

Looking into the scene. Since the tank is at the edge of the layout...the rest of the complex is considered off the layouts edge.
The tank is in place. Some barrels, valves and piping is laid around the scene. I still have to add some shrubs and trees that will finish things off.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Brian Smith's - Rolling Stock

This scene looks almost real. You are looking at a photo backdrop and Jim's weathering magic on the PANAM boxcar.
Here we have a group of nicely finished rolling stock found on Brian Smith's layout. Most but not all have been done by Jim Sloan...George Dutka

I really like how this car turned out. I have one of these models and I am thinking of giving this type of weathering a try. Another one of Jim's weathering jobs.

The new way and old. The TIB's actually has a working light included. Jim weathered the caboose.

The Soo caboose is another of Jim's projects.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Olympia Tool and Die

My kit is getting near complete. Weathering, steps, railing, signs, conduit and so on still need to be added...maybe another part day of work.
At the last WOD make and take workshop Peter and I worked on two different Imagine That laser kits. Mine the Olympia tool and die is being built as somewhat of a building flat. It is not done yet but I thought I would give you a peek at it. Peter will be over today for our Monday workdays and the Imagine That kits will be almost done by the end of the day.

You maybe wondering if I have a spot on the WRD for it. Well the answer is no. I am in the planning stage of building a small narrow switching layout that will house it. I have an idea how it will come together set in the early 1990's and being switched by the CN and CP. My growing fleet of rust bucket rolling stock will then have a permanent home...George Dutka

The interior of the loading area is detailed with an Imagine That interior kit.

This started out as an outdoor solar light that fell apart. The light and battery compartment was still good so it will be the interior lighting.
The wall with the double conduit has the final weathering...the other walls still need some work.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

St J Caboose No. 6

May 23, 1977 Gord Taylor photo, Peter Mumby collection.
This ex-Centeral Vermont caboose is one from the Gord Taylor collection. It appears to be freshly painted and lettered. There is not much information about the slide other than the date, but neat to see...George Dutka

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Abandoned Fuel Tank

My fuel tank is almost complete...still a few signs to be added.
I picked up this fuel tank for a couple of bucks at a recent train show. I originally was going to clean it up and sell it but I kind of liked it and have a spot in Westboro that would be enhanced with it's presence...George Dutka

This is how the tank looked when I got home.

I added some wire to each side, or to the hand rail areas. The wood components are weathered with PanPastels.
I gave the whole tank and supports a spray bomb coat of flat black to begin. On the tank I added some acrylic tube paint rust spots. I used Bragdon and PanPastels to finish the weathering.

Texaco signs and danger signs are applied . Some scrap piping and wood is placed on the decking.

A close look at some of the rust weathering.
On the backside I added a older era Texaco sign and of course a No Smoking sign.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Pacific Intermountain Express

Found on Facebook...1946
A look at PIE trucking during 1946...George Dutka

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Brian Smith's HO Scale Layout

CN 2253 pauses at the Hamilton, Ont. Tim Horton's, a regular stop for train crews. I think some truckers are a little upset while they wait to get going.
 Just after Christmas Peter and I visited with Brian Smith to photograph his layout. Brain wants some views to  better remember his layout. When the warmer weather comes he will be taking the layout down as he and his wife will be moving. This is the layout's last hurrah although it will be open for the London area layout tour in April. Brian plans to finish a couple of scenes for the tour and maybe I will get over once again to take some photos of the scenes.

Brian's layout is loosely based on Hamilton (Kinnear) with a touch of Niagara escarpment. He has some really nicely detailed scenes that are totally finished. An element of the layout one quickly notices is the highly detailed and weathered rolling stock. Much of this equipment has been done by Jim Sloan. Link to Jim's blog is on the sidebar. Stay tuned for a post on Brian's rolling stock...George Dutka

The Niagara escarpment is modeled in one location.
In the laundry room Brian has some staging. Although it is not finished there is a nice backdrop and curtains below the faceboard.
This building in Brian's Hamilton scene has a finished interior including a jukebox.
This is one of the scenes one views after entering the train room. These freight cars are weathered by Jim Sloan.

A CN freight heads through downtown Hamilton. The structure with the jukebox is seen in this scene.
A nicely weathered group of hoppers are seen on the siding. This is the handy work of Jim Sloan.

On one of the side walls is this impressive structure that really stands out. It is massive, one only sees the middle portion or about half the structure.

Another view of the Tim Horton's scene. The tool car is one I had built for Brian.

An overhead bridge divides two scenes in the Hamilton area.

Brian checks out the siding at the entrance to the layout room.