Saturday, 21 September 2019

NER Convention - Syracuse

I am currently in Syracuse for the NER - NMRA convention, our NFR next door neighbour. I decided last minute to attend although I am only taking in about half of it since I need to be home for Sunday...more on what I saw next week...George Dutka

The contest room opened at 5pm Friday. Models were just showing up when I looked through the room after supper.

There was some vendors and displays included in the main hall.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Rust Bucket No. 8

July 1976, Ken Patton photo.
I did a bit of cropping to get a better look. This time we look at a rusty old MEC car found on an arriving train in Bangor, Maine...George Dutka

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Snapshot - September 2019

A staged scene using my barn and pumpkin field really adds a lot to this view.
This months snapshot is staging scenes on the WRD. One of my original scenes removed and saved for future use shows up from time to time in  staged layout photos. On this occasion back in January 2015 I was using it in two is how I did it...George Dutka

At the Northfield Falls crossing I once again used my farm scene as staging.
A stool and as many boxes, tubs and cardboard are used to get the right height for this view. This farm-pumpkin scene should be once again included on the WRD when it is remodeled...if not it will be more of these views.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

At the Station - 1945

If you model 1945 your best stock up on military figures.
Some views from an unknown location during 1945...George Dutka

A goodbye scene.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Rust Bucket No. 7

 Stratford, Ont. yard on July 30, 2019
In Stratford, Ont. I found this CN covered hopper that had two noodles showing...might make a neat project for someone...George Dutka

Two noodles can be seen.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

B&M 304 - Prototype

June 19, 1987 Scranton, Pa., Taylor yard. Bill Shaw leaning on gondola lower left. T. Nixon photos
My friend Terry sent me these photos he took a long time ago after seeing my newer acquisition. I thought you might like to see them also. Terry photographed B&M 304, the engine in the last post 30 plus years ago. Bill Shaw and Terry went to the 1987 O-scale convention near Scranton so they did a little railfanning. Enjoy!!...George Dutka

Saturday, 14 September 2019

B&M No. 304 - Weathered

B&M heads into Bellows Falls, Vermont on the WRD.
I purchased this engine a few years back which was painted, decaled and detailed to some degree. It is an older Athearn blue box that I turned into a dummy engine. The photos show how it looks once I added some weathering. I like purchasing cheap engines ($20) to try my hand at weathering...leaving my Rapido models safe for now...George Dutka

The early offerings had heavier hand rails but this is OK as it will not be used a lot and will be a trailing engine at best.
The weathering looks on the lighter side when seen from a distance, but I feel I did add a lot.
I did a bit of clear coat paint peeling when viewed up close. The walkways are all rusted up with some oil seen seeping under the car body doors.
The handrails got a few rust spots along with the short nose end. There was some nice details found on this model such as the MU hoses and plow.
The plow has a good amount of rust also...maybe too much but when on the layout it looks fine.
The bell is also mounted on the side similar to the prototype. The fuel tanks got some oil spills and rust stains.
I am happy to have this engine in my fleet even if it will be normally a trailing engine.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Fall Update

No information regarding this photo from the George Melvin collection.
Now that September is here the WRD will be going back in time. I still have lots of outside things to get caught up with before the snow flies and work in the basement begins. Here are a few more B&M and CV scans and other views I though I would share with you...George Dutka.

 This car was stationed and in storage for ice clearing when winter comes again on May 6, 1975 North Adams, Ma. Bruce Nelson photo.
A scan I did last month of CV 218 at Millers Falls, Ma. 1936. Once again another view I purchased from George Melvin.
I blogged about this structure in Kerwood, Ont. last month. I stopped by to get a couple more detailed photos of the weathering of this old building on Aug 27, 2019 and it was surprise.
One can still find these decals around to model this engine.
If you are in the area this is a very good layout tour.

1939 KC brakes and journal trucks...don't think this car goes off line. Capreol 1966 from the Bruce Douglas collection.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Throwback Thursday - Traversing a Shoo Fly

CP van 434634 trails a westbound freight across a temporary structure at Hyde Park Road in London, Ontario.  It is a fine day in October of 1984, and the conductor is surveying the construction activity from his customary perch in the cupola.
By Peter Mumby.

Today, Hyde Park Road is a busy four lane thoroughfare in the northwest quadrant of London, Ontario.  It is lined with strip malls, restaurants, and auto repair shops - establishments shared by every modern city.  A few years prior to the date of today's photo, however, it was an entirely different story.  Hyde Park Road was then a two lane road passing through a bucolic setting with cornfields on one side and a church and several private dwellings on the other.  A prominent pinch point occurred where the road squeezed under the tracks of CP's Windsor Subdivision.  As the city grew, the decision was eventually made to replace this irritant with a new railway overpass spanning four lanes of traffic.  During construction, the rail line was rerouted past the new structure by way of a shoo fly.  In our photo, a westbound freight is negotiating this temporary trestle.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Rockingham Jct. NH

Rockingham Jct. May 19 1934. Although a poor quality photo it is interesting to see a down now view of the station area. George Melvin collection.
Don and I visited Rockingham Jct. NH during 2016. We were on our was to the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine. One layout we visited was not too far away from this location so we took the time to backtrack. The other views are all ones I purchased from George Melvin this spring. Some are beginning to fade or disappear so they are scanned first...George Dutka

There is some restoration happening to the station when we visited on Sept 6, 2016.
B&M wreck which happened on January 29, 1947 while handling 97 cars. The cars are to be burned on March 26, 1947. This photo was taken on March 15 2019. George Melvin collection. Hard to believe the wreck would hang around that long before something was done about it.
B&M wreck near Rockingham Jct. taken 4 days after the photo above on March 19, 1947. George Melvin collection.
B&M no. 1007 a 4-4-0 at Rockingham Jct. May 19, 1934. Another poor quality photo but still neat to see. George Melvin collection.
B&M 4011 on M-7 Feb. 15, 1947 at Rockingham Jct. George Melvin collection.

B&M 4007 P-2 with 110 cars noted on the rear as at Rockingham Jct. Sept. 12, 1937. George Melvin collection.

Burlington, Ont. - Station

Note the station has a lower level of stone...more on that in the last view. The station after 134 years of service was closed in 1988.
Views from my visit to the restored CNR Burlington, Ont. station on the weekend. A second post later today will take us back to New England...George Dutka

In the operators office.
A really nice looking display.
The station area also houses a CN motor car and the TH&B inspection car.
I could not really get a good look at the TH&B inspection car which is a 1951 Chrysler being converted into a highrailer in 1956. Was nice that it is preserved and secured.
This is an extra stone used along the bottom of the station. This was once ballast from an ocean freighter that was unloaded here before having cargo loaded. The stone was cut in the British Isles. Don't recall the exact location. I tried picking it up...there is a lot of weight to it.