Monday, 16 October 2017

G Scale?

G Scale railroading? That might be a stretch.
At the Brampton show one of the tables had a range of structures that included one maybe G scale building, or least the vendor was pushing the boundary's a bit with it. I thought of it as a nice birdhouse for one's wife garden collection...but we already have plenty...George Dutka

Think the caption should be reversed.
That is an HO scale lighthouse next to the birdhouse.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Fill-in Vehicles

One of my later era trucks in use during this past summer.
During the summer one thing missing for my contemporary era is vehicles that should be seen along the WRD. I do have some rough looking pickup truck models that I though I could detail up a bit without getting too deep into the project...George Dutka

My two trucks along with a variety of cars I found in a box of RR equipment my friend Bob gave me. A multi-level car included in the box, an offering by Tyco from years ago had these cars included.

These trucks are kind of crude with oversize window opening but with a little weathering and paint they look good as stand in's for a few months of model railroading.
This truck is seen on my sand house module. I loaded up the box with a lot of junk. A plate is also added.

The blue truck was missing the front wheels. These I stole from one of  multi level cars. The blue I used was Floquil B&M blue...I sprayed this truck the same time as I did my B&M caboose back in the spring.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Laconia 1947 Service Station

A Texaco station located in Laconia, NH 1947
Another view from WW2 Radio Facebook. This interesting structure photo was taken during a biker rally through NH in 1947. In particular this location is in New England...Laconia, NH. The station has a large angled facade with a small rear end...could make a great model...George Dutka

Friday, 13 October 2017

What's in the Box - No. 27

A nice model offered by Monster Model Works.
I recently received my Monster Model Works pump house kit. I actually also ordered the B&M tower which I will cover later. The model came through the mail with no problems and no damage. All looks straight forward, so the built hopefully will go well...George Dutka

The kit came in this plastic bag which was enclosed in a cardboard box.

All the parts are sealed in bags making it easy to locate.

The instruction sheets appear to be well planned.

Getting into the meat of the instructions.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

New Kit Coming

A display at the Brampton train show.
Mt. Albert had an announcement at this years Brampton train show. It appears there will be a laser cut kit called Last Resort Chair Ltd. As one can see it will be a factory of cottage chairs. If all works out well they may also be selling the O scale chairs as an option...George Dutka

Sunday, 8 October 2017

NMRA Booth - Brampton Train Show

NMRA craftsmanship corner which is set up at many of our area train shows.
The NMRA booth was well manned with modelers working on projects that probably will be seen in upcoming convention contests. Actually one of the winning models was on display from this past spring. There was a great deal for new NMRA membership. If you sign up shortly the NFR will cover your cost for a trial membership for the next 6 months..George Dutka

This is the sign offering a great deal for a NMRA trial membership.
A CN cinder car built by Tony Kerr following an article prepared by CN engineman Steve Lucas in CN Lines Vol 13 No 1. These cars are rebuilt from old outside braced boxcars in the 1940-50's with some lasting as long as 1986.

This is a second car scratch-built by Tony Kerr following Steve's article.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

40 Feet in Proto:48

40 feet of layout on display at last weekend's Brampton train show.
I was reading Trevor Marshall's blog Port Rowan in 1:64, link below about a long modular layout set up at the Brampton train show in front of the Rapido bus that was Proto:48. I did not realize at the time this was I will have to watch for it to be setup at a later date. I went back through my photos from the day and sure enough there is Trevor in the background at the layout. Trevor and I have crossed paths numerous times in the past but this day I guess our paths did cross but we did not realize it...George Dutka

Port Rowan in 1:64

Friday, 6 October 2017

St.J&LC in 1942 - Facebook Post

On the WW2 Facebook site, taken in 1942
One of the SIG Yahoo groups I follow had a link to a post were one can fined over 70 photos available to view of the St. J. The link is a Facebook page called WW2 Radio - Facebook dated Sept 27th. I am not a Facebook guy but I checked it out and was surprised what I found. You don't have to be a member or have a Facebook account to log in so check it out. There are other railway related posts if you scroll down. I found some really nice looking Kodachrome photo's taken in the 1940's if you are a war guy. Great to see Kodachrome lasts. I have included a few St. J views here with the link found below. I am not sure what the St J has to do with WW2 action but it sure is nice to see...George Dutka

 WW2 RADIO - Home | Facebook

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Brampton Ontario Train Show

Rapido brought their bus with them to the show.
On Sunday Peter Mumby and I attended the train show in Brampton. Peter had been to this show many times as a vendor but this time he is going as a spectator. This was my first time attending. Many of the regular vendor could be found on site along with many modular railways. Canadian company's such as Rapido, Fast Tracks, Imagine That, Mount Albert Scale Lumber and Hunterline all had displays. Rapido actually had their bus inside and open to view. Throughout the day there was clinics going on which looked to be very interesting but our timing was not right to attend...George Dutka

Krazy Tags is found at some of the shows Peter attends painting graffiti on your rolling stock as you wait. It is all hand done and looks really great if you are into that thing. He also does some weathering jobs. Interesting to see although my 1950's fleet might look odd all tagged up.

Imagine That had some displays showing one how to finish their kits.

Hunterline had their stains and kits on display. A "how to" was going on also.

Fast Tracks and Mt Albert display.

Limited to 150 engines this is a Rapido engine offered by VIA 150.

Canada Rail and Exporail had some nice books for sale at really good prices.

The show special from Credit Valley was a DQ in N scale for $25 taxes included. They had a really nice display on Gatorfoam.

Monday, 2 October 2017

School Car - Clinton, Ont.

July 2017, Clinton, Ont.
Peter covered this car in a past post of our trip to Goderich. Here are a few more photos of this old gem...George Dutka

One may not a bit of a sag in the roof line.

When the truss rods are not holding things together anymore some concrete help is needed.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

NECR Trucks - 2005

Fall 2005 Palmer, Ma.
While down for the CVRHS convention in 2005 Don and I took some photos around the NECR Palmer, Ma. area including these hi-rails...George Dutka

Saturday, 30 September 2017

CN Jeeps

This just goes to show that all CN SUVs don't have to be Fords.

By Peter Mumby
Over the years, CN has operated a large number of "Geeps" - think GP 7s, 9s, 35s, 40s, 38-2s, and 40-2s.  But this CN Jeep was something new to me - apparently a new acquisition policy has been established within the last year or so.  Previously I had been accustomed to seeing CN SUVs primarily of the Ford variety.  Anyway, if you are attempting to keep your CN-themed layout up to date,  you might want to track down some modern Jeep models.  With all the commuting they'll be doing, you'll want your division superintendents and assistants travelling in comfort and style.

At the next train show, see if you can track down a model of one of these Jeep SUVs.  You'll want to ensure that your layout's assistant superintendent travels in comfort.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Red's a Second Look

A CV freight is stopped for a moment for the crew to grab some goodies at Red's.
Here are a few more views of my little pit stop...back in the day this was my favorite part of the afternoon...enjoy...George Dutka

The foreground figures are Woodland Scenic offerings I had extra. On the sign there is a loudspeaker that I also photocopied and left on. Some weeds and long static grass fill in the scene.

My new 1965 Oxford pickup truck is seen parked at Red's. I got a deal on a four pack of Athearn woodchip cars recently so these are now in use during summer time operations.
Since the back wall was going to show a little at certain angles I had to add a bit of details. A caboose door with a bit of green is added. Leftover piece of the front awning is also placed overtop. Some signs, propane tanks and wire to a circle molding is made to look like a meter. On the roof a smoke stack is also added. The sign got some wire supports. If I knew the back would be seen I would have filled the joint...but I think it looks pretty good anyway.