Saturday 2 December 2023

N Scale Module

The cork roadbed is down and some of the structures that were used are set in place. There was still a lot to finish back in 2016.
I dabbling a bit in N scale which is Gary Pembleton's fault as I was constructing a few structures for him back around 2016. Peter Mumby and I began working on two modules that would fit together when displayed and we could display our equipment and structure projects. We used Styrofoam for the base. These are two early photos from our project...George Dutka  

Moving the structures around to see what would work best. Masonite was glued to the Styrofoam as the face board.

Friday 1 December 2023

Snapshot - December 2023

Have you ever modeled a boxcar that has had its paint faded to the point were there is more primer than paint. Nov 30, 2023
Yesterday I had a delivery to make for my son which brought me past the CP yard in London on a sunny day. Here is what I saw...George Dutka  

I took this photo not because the car was interesting, but the light was right to view the trucks. Notice how the trucks side frame and wheels are more of a rust color than grease and grime. Nov 30 2023
Close up look at the truck.

This is a common sighting on some of these units. Want to model a burn area. I remember reading about how this is done in a past RMC issue. Maybe a year ago. Nov 30 2023

Close up look at the burn.

Lots of weathering happening on this engine down low. Something to consider on your models.

Thursday 30 November 2023

Throwback Thursday - Operation Lifesaver

NS 9251 is showing off its Operation Lifesaver paint scheme in the CN St Thomas North yard on March 31, 2002.

By Peter Mumby. 

Until Norfolk Southern withdrew from Southern Ontario at the end of 2006, the CN St Thomas North yard was a great spot to take detailed photos of NS power.  The locomotives would arrive with train 327 around mid-morning, then lay over until 328 departed the next day.  The Operation Lifesaver scheme on 9251 presented an interesting variation on the typical NS black garb.  I don't know how many units were decorated in this way, but I have photos taken on these 327/328 trains of locomotives 9250, 51, 52, 54, and 55.

Monday 27 November 2023

Trucks and Signs

Midland Superior Transport 1952. No location given.

These two views were passed along to me by Bruce Douglas. He is big into building trucks and trailers these days in S scale. In the one view the large sign is kind of neat and something one may consider a model of...George Dutka  

Midland Superior KW half cab Sault Ste Marie, Ontario 1956

Sunday 26 November 2023

Detailing DWP 3609

The extras included are window awnings and a different stack.
Rapido's RS-11's are really nice right out of the box but there are a few changes I wanted to make to better follow the DWP prototype. For one the re-railers should be moved forward from the center position they are located. I also added a roof radio antenna and on the rear truck speed cables. The DWP engines were delivered with awnings which are included in the packaging but need to be installed. In later life they were removed. More on this engine shortly...George Dutka       

Just out of the box the DWP will get a bit of an upgrade.

The footboard grab bar across the front of the engine is painted green. It should be gold as on the handrails. Rapido has used Kadee no. 5 couplers and I will be using the true scale no.158's.

Saturday 25 November 2023

Creamery Complex

A few more views of the creamery complex I built from kits, parts and part kits I had around the basement...George Dutka  


Friday 24 November 2023

Rutland Flat Car

The flat is loaded with rusted rail a Juneco track stop and half moons. Most of the other small details are Juneco also such as shovel, barrel and buckets. Some coiled line and signage are also seen in there. I built this car back about 2000.
Here are a couple of overhead views of my F&C Rutland Ry tool car I made from one of their two in one kit flats. I saw this car in Bellows Falls on many of my visits during the 1980's...George Dutka  

I also have two F&C Rutland flat cars that are used in marble loading service.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Throwback Thursday - Dual Wraps

Via 6411 was about to lead train 70 away from the London station on Canada Day in 2006.

By Peter Mumby.  

Finding two locomotives on a Via train was not all that unusual, but finding two wrapped units together certainly merited a photograph.  Such was the case on July 01, 2006 when Via 6411 and 6403 showed up at the London, Ontario station with train #70 in tow.  Both of these schemes, in my opinion, were more attractive than the 6414 shown in last week's post.  In fact, the CBC 50th Anniversary locomotive,  number 6403, was my personal favourite.

Monday 20 November 2023

Tank Cars

Here we see a group of six tank cars on westbound train CN 383 Oct. 31, 2023 just west of Komoka, Ontario. I took a few photos of some of the more interesting to me weathering and paint touch-ups on the train. Thought I would share them with you...George Dutka  

Sunday 19 November 2023

Hood's Milk Car

I was going through my milk car photos the other day when I noticed this one that is at a museum somewhere...anyone has an idea were...George Dutka 

Saturday 18 November 2023

More This and That - November 2023

It has been awhile since I last looked at the Roomettes web site. One can now add interior detailing and lighting to some of Atlas classic kits. I had converted the station to a Rutland Ry. style station...maybe an interior is in the future for this structure.  

My December RMC arrived yesterday with Don Janes great article viewing his now complete Green Mountain Division. I copied these two photos from the RMC Facebook website. Great job Don! So what is next for Don. We met up a few weeks back  at Don's home for a good visit. With his layout done the topic of what next came can not just stop modeling once the layout is done. Don mentioned possibly a contemporary module that he could build in his workshop. He has a lot of room in there. It could become a new layout down the road. Since my visit Don has started to pick up some new Rapido engines...CN, CP and OSR might be the main focus this time around, but we will see what he comes up with. I am sure he will fill us in once he figures things out...which probably will not be till the spring as he is heading to Arizona for the winter shortly...George Dutka

The CV Waterbury, Vt. station scene is one of the scenes featured in the current RMC.

A great scene for the cover of the current RMC.

This is CN 383 heading west from Komoka on Oct 31, 2023. There was a nice group of colorful graffiti covered hoppers on board. I found this new feature on my computer that can take the foreground and background out of focus and making a pan style shot. It worked for this shot but have yet to get it to work again for me.

Friday 17 November 2023

Rutland Covered Hopper

Some very light applications of panel line is used, but mostly some PanPastel blender and white are used.
This is a Kadee factory finished model in Rutland Ry. lettering. All I did was clip the Kadee coupler trip pins and add a bit of weathering to the model...George Dutka  

The model is kept quite clean looking. The wheels are painted cinnamon brown with some Bragdon soot powder applied.

Thursday 16 November 2023

Throwback Thursday - Golden Eggs


Via 6414 was photographed from the Frank Lane overpass west of London on January 31, 2008.
By Peter Mumby.

Promotional wraps have been applied to a variety of Via's 6400-series F40PH-2 locomotives over the years.  Some were more attractive than others.  In 2006 unit 6414 was decked out in a brownish colour scheme advertising Loto-Quebec's "La Poule aux Oeufs d'Or" (The Golden Egg Chicken) campaign.  This engine was leading Via #85 westward at Frank Lane on the Strathroy Subdivision on January 31, 2008.   

Tuesday 14 November 2023

CV on the GT New England

This is a neat view of CV bicentennial unit 1776 being used on the GT New England line. In this view the train is passing through Mechanic Falls, Maine during Sept 1978.  Ken Patton photo.  

Monday 13 November 2023

Garden Caboose display

All ready for use in the garden once again.
My father in law had this wooden caboose on a pole in their garden for years. With my mother in law passing this year we put the house up for sale and cleared out what we could. My kids had a chance to go through the house and garden and pick what they wanted. Jessica my older twin really liked this caboose that had seen better days. I took it home for a refresh for her. I sanded it down, spray can painted it black followed by some red paint we use on our potting sheds door. This was brushed on. I had two black CN noodle decals that my father in law still had (which was used on the caboose before). Well the decals were really old and fell apart. I asked Peter Mumby what he might have squirreled away. He came up with a G scale dry transfer in CP. So that is what was used on one side. I have left the other side blank just in case I find a CN decal or transfer. My father in law worked for CN so he might be rolling in his grave till I find a CN for the other side. I spray sealed the dry transfer on and all is good to go now...George Dutka  

I taped the window areas before brush painting the body.
This was the Wordless Wednesday a few weeks back after I sanded down the paint were it was lifting. The two paints to be used are resting in the photo too.