Saturday, 16 November 2019

J. Santos Tattoos and Cigar - Finished

Guess he did not get a cigar.
At Trainfest I found two figure which finish the scene on the tattoo parlor...George Dutka

My two finds that finish the scene.
Now on to the next project.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Trainfest 2019 - Part 2

During our visit to MR Steve Otte explains how a MR feature layout was expanded.
Just a few more photos today of Trainfest...George Dutka

On an N scale diorama a good number of buildings are fitted with interiors. They looked really good.

A portable paint, weather and testing station which holds a lot of supplies.
A bar pad is used for a weathering surface at this workstation.
At my workspace I worked on weathering with PanPastel's. I finished two pieces of rolling stock and this AHM station while at Trainfest.
At the MR booth Video Plus was streaming live.
One layout across from our booth was this neat layout with everything made of paper and cardstock. These are building that once stood in Milwaukee in 1939 modeled using paper. That trailer is also made from paper.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Trainfest 2019

Our NFR booth with most of the gang working on various projects.
Don Janes and I attended Trainfest as part of the NFR-NMRA Craftsman Corner. We got in a bit of railfanning, a visit to Walthers, a tour of MR and a chance to operate on a couple of layouts....more to come...George Dutka

One of our views of the MR in house layout.
Don operates on Steve Miazga's N scale layout. It was featured last fall in MR.
AYA Enterprises LLC of Ann Arbor, Michigan has a New England church.
Hand drawn graffiti was happening a few booths over.
Our group photo included a member of the Illinois Railway Museum. We got a young girl dressed in an original Zephyrette uniform from the booth across the way to pose with us since she is in our group colors.
Another view of yesterdays Wordless Wednesday. A N scale train operating through a covered bridge.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Detailing Tichy Drums

HO and O scale Tichy drums detailed up. The group will get all that is needed to complete this scene. The license plates are from the 1940's.
This coming Saturday the WOD meet is all about the small details. The group will work on a few small projects that are simple and add character to ones layout is one of two opened for the event also...George Dutka

Monday, 11 November 2019

West River Ry.

Brattleboro and Whitehall no. 2 West River Ry in Vermont. The photo is noted as from Ernest F. Stillings, Pullman Conductor Bangor, Maine.
Another one of George Melvin's collection photo I purchased this spring...George Dutka

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Snapshot - November 2019

We caught a WB Amtrak train in the rain...we arrived just minutes before the train.
On our way home from the NERPM meet Don and I got some railfanning in between the rain showers. We normally follow the tracks from Rotterdam Jct. to Amsterdam, NY before getting onto the freeway. This time we had some extra time as we planned on staying in Utica, NY so we just kept following the rails to the next town, Fonda. At Fonda we found a few nice photo locations and a Subway which had a parking lot next to the tracks. So we had a sub for supper and watched for trains without being on anyone's property. To our surprise we caught more trains going by then expected...I don't even remember eating my sub...George Dutka

A WB at Broadway St. Fonda, NY. The Subway parking lot is right behind me.
Another WB just about 10 minutes later.

An EB from the Subway parking lot with a bit of sun peeking through.
The EB just over the crossing. We saw three trains there in maybe 30 minutes....not bad for an extended side adventure.

Friday, 8 November 2019

What's in the Box No. 36

The free kits are pretty basic but interesting structures that can really stand out in a scene. All is wood or paper except for the chimney.
A look at what one gets in a free kit from FOS. They are an interesting build most of the time considering you are working from photo...who reads instructions anyway...George Dutka

The windows and doors are all laser cut. The signage and photo are all one gets as far as paper instructions included.
A reminder of past free kits is included along with the trim and wall bracing.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Throwback Thursday - A Boring Train.

CN X6007 West is cruising through London, Ontario on August 15, 1993  on its way to Sarnia. SD 40u 6007, built by GMD as SD 40 5084 in 1969, was upgraded to SD40-2 specifications by AMF in Montreal earlier in 1993.
By Peter Mumby.
In this instance, the phrase "boring train" is pronounced with the emphasis on the word "boring." In the featured photo, CN Extra 6007 West (note the white signals displayed) is operating as Advance 411.  The date is August 15, 1993.  Behind the two business cars are flats and gondolas bearing the components of the tunnel drilling machine "Excalibore" built by Lovat Tunnel Equipment Inc.  The portion with the largest dimensions was being transported in the fourth car, CN 670002, a high capacity well-hole car riding on four trucks. 

All of this equipment, of course, was en route to Sarnia, where construction of the new St. Claire River tunnel was slated to begin later in 1993.  The original tunnel, opened in 1891, was due to be replaced by a larger structure which could handle auto racks and double stacks.  Trains started using the replacement tunnel in late 1994, and the official dedication took place on May 05, 1995.  Since that time, the bore has been named the "Paul M. Tellier Tunnel" in honour of CN's retired president.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Peter's Trains

Peter at the Kitchener train show. Watch for the deals this Sunday at Ancaster, Ont.
I was at the Kitchener Train show helping Peter Mumby of Peter's Trains last Sunday for the last time as he is retiring the business at the end of the year. Actually the last train show Peter will attend is this weekend at the Ancaster train for the deals. I am away with Don to Trainfest on the weekend so I will miss out on the last hurrah. Happy retirement Peter...George Dutka

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Oxford Vehicles

My two Oxford models are seen here weathered and including loads in the box.
This fall I picked up two Oxford Vehicles. Both pickups which got some degree of weathering to better fit in to the scenes...George Dutka

The Chev is a 1965 truck while the Dodge sweptside Tropical Coral is from 1957.
The truck right out of the package.
A coat of PanPastel raw unber shade was applied to the whole truck. Some acrylic rust spots are added and Bragdon powders light and dark rust is streaked down.
Some details are added to the box.
Before anything was done this truck sure stood out.
A coat of Proto flat haze dulled up the finish. I also added some acrylic burnt umber rust spots.

I kept this one fairly clean looking.

Friday, 1 November 2019

The Details

Being an O scale structure an HO scale billboard sign works well as a large sign. The sign got some rust texture sponged on.
On this O scale model I detailed it up a bit as I usually do to most structures. The crate is a FOS kit that is simple to bend and glue. The WOD meet later this month will give one a chance to try it out. I added a bit of trash to it also. The vine was already on the side but looking pretty faded. Once the wall was repainted and weathered some fresh ground foam is applied. The plywood sheeting is actually a HO scale Roomettes offering I used as scrap sheeting...George Dutka

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Year 9

My updated FOS ice house seen on the is only temporary as it will be in my waterfront scene at some point.
Welcome to year nine of the WRD blog. Still lots to cover and with a layout revamp beginning shortly. Stop by regularly to see a lot more about what the WRD will turn into...George Dutka

New agent on duty? That is Don Janes on the platform in Ingersoll Sept. 28 2019. The station is well past restoration although it is still standing. Terry Nixon photo
This variety store was down the road from were I grew up in London, Ont. although I don't remember it this way. 1956 is the year. Note all the signs a modeler could add for this era.
CN black lettering one can use in a ghosting lettering as seen in a rust bucket post. Set no. MC-4228.
My workbench last month while lettering a NSRC boxcar and working on a FOS free kit.
Gator Dave uses this caulking for holding his Gatorfoam together. I picked up a tube.
A view trackside in South Troy, NY on Nov. 3, 2018. It was pouring rain when Don and I stopped by this location. I took the photo out the window. What I liked was how these buildings look like DPM kits. Note how the brick wall looks on the building to the right. The lighter and darker brick from a tear-down...something to consider when modeling.
Who says the younger generation do not model. Here is a diorama that Kevin D'Alenti built. He is more into military modeling as seen on his site but he dabbles in everything.