Thursday, 19 January 2017

Coco Beach Models - Part 1

Great weathering on this car.
Here is a group of photos I took earlier this month at the RPM Coco Beach Meet. The lighting was not ideal for photos plus I did not have a you get what you get as far as photo options...George Dutka

Not all the cars are complete but it is interesting to see how they are being assembled.

A really nice interior to this model.

Monday, 16 January 2017

CN in St Albans, Vermont

CN 2565 on the shop track St. Albans, Vermont. Note the details if you want to model a fueling track.
Another of Gord Taylor's photos from in Vermont...May 18, 1979...George Dutka

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Prototype Rails 2017 - Coco Beach

The models are laid out for all to see. The best time to view the models was to skip a clinic and wander around the display room. Note the plastic tubing attached to each leg...this brought the height up for better viewing. A closer look at the models shortly.
Last weekend I was in Coco Beach for the RPM meet. This was my first time attending and I had a really great time. For me it was also a chance to meet up with a few friends. Over the past few years I have spoken many times on the phone with Stephen Priest (RMC editor) but we have never met. We got a chance to speak a bit over the course of the meet. I sat in on a really good presentation giving by Stephen and second by his son Joel. I will cover some of the great models I saw over the next week. One disappointment was the shake and take kit feature. There was not one...but they promised to be back on track next year...George Dutka

The vendors area of the meet.

RMC had flyers out if one wants to write up one's model.

Rapido's RDC display.

There was a few manufacturer's displays.

One of two door prize areas...guess who did not win anything.

RMC's Stephen Priest at the N scale Florida based layout.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

North Dorset, Don Janes

A Rutland caboose hop is passing through North Dorset.  This is the most recent scene I have finished on my layout.

Adding a Small Scene to the Green Mountain Division

     As I continue working around the layout I have completed part of what should be the last scene in this room.  North Dorset is part of a larger Mill Scene that occupies one corner of the room. I will cover the actual mill once I have made more progress on it. Many years ago I built a Rutland Car Shops resin kit of the Rutland's North Dorset, VT station.  It is a small but very unique little structure.  It sat on a shelf until last month when I finally got around to installing on the layout.  I wanted a simple but interesting scene to go along with the mill.  The North Dorset site includes the station, a water tank and the North Dorset section shanty.  Like the station, I built the water tank from an American Model Builders wood kit quite a few years ago but never had a spot for it. To complete the scene I scratchbuilt the section shanty using the dimensions provided by George in an earlier post on the same subject.  It was quite an easy build and I finished it to look like it hadn't had a coat of paint in quite a few years. The only thing left to add is a train order signal which I will have to scratchbuild from a plan that George gave me.
This photo was taken back in Oct. 2005.  The station had been moved up by the highway and was in terrible condition. The  Vermont RR tracks (former Rutland RR) can be seen in the background.
     As can be seen in the photo above, I took photos of the station back in Oct. 2005.  These photos helped a lot when building the kit.  I really glad we stopped to take these shots as the station no longer exists. Rutland Car Shops did a very good job of duplicating the station with their kit.
This shot shows the entire North Dorset scene.  Not much is happening here and the operator has a lonely job.  Once in a while a member of the section gang might wander over to the station and share a few stories with the operator
          Since there are no passenger trains by here anymore the station only serves as a train order office and the operator also handles the waybills for the mill.  The water tank also sits unused.  The section gang still store their motorcar and tools in the section shanty. When things are quiet he can slip down to the creek beside the station ad throw his line in and try to catch dinner.
      This is a simple little scene but it does serve a purpose on the layout and adds another point of interest for operation.
Here we see the water tank and section shanty.  Things look pretty quiet here today
The afternoon quiet is broken by the passing of a Rutland freight, running caboose hop today.
Another shot of the RS-3 passing the station
This is a view of the rear of the station. As can be seen there had been a fire in it.  Sadly, the structure no longer exists.

Friday, 13 January 2017

CV Equipment

CV 4261 May 18, 1979 St. Albans, Vermont Gord Taylor photo.
 A small group of Gord Taylor's photos which view Central Vermont Ry. equipment...George Dutka

CV 4278 Wednesday Sept 21, 1988, St. Albans, Vt.  Gord Taylor photo This car looks like it had better days.

CV 40046 on a train at a unknown location. Gord Taylor.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Bar Mills and FOS - Wall Fans

On my mill building I did not have enough windows to finish the structure. I decided to board up a few and others received wall fans.
One of the details I added to areas that a window should be located was wall fans. This little feature adds some extra interest to the structure and helps me figure out what to do with the spots I did not have windows for. Some of the openings just got boarded up...another option. I could have ordered extra windows but I kind of wanted the project competed...George Dutka

One can see a finished wall fan on the FOS Scale Models card. I mounted the fan on a window sized opening styrene that will be popped into a top window. Bar Mills offerings are the fans at the bottom of the photo. I also used a few of these.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Lebanon, NH

William Monypeny photo, C 1930. Lots of billboard posters on the side of the building if you model this era.
Another one of the prints I picked up back in the fall...this time Lebanon, NH...George Dutka

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bar Mills - Twin Roof Entry Pak

A roof entry is added to the stone section of my mill.
Some time ago I picked up a two pack of Bar Mills roof entries. I wanted to add a bit more interest to this stone part of my Bellows Falls Mill so one entry was added...George Dutka

Here is a look at what is included in this kit. It was a really simple build with some interesting details.

This little kit had a lot more details than one would expect to get. There also was a small booklet included that could help one model structures better.
The entry was modeled as unpainted and weathered. I did this using Hunterline stains and Bragdon powders. The roof is tarpaper and one of the castings was added to the side wall. A Tichy door and window is included in the kit. I added a few board leaning against the wall. I might add a worker up there at some point when I find one that fits the scene.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

St. J&LC Maps

This diagram of St. J was drawn by E.A. Lewis back in 1984.
Bruce Douglas passed these plans along to me a number of years ago. At that time he was modeling the St. J east out of St. Johnsbury, Vt....George Dutka

Monday, 2 January 2017

Model Rail Magazine

Lots of neat stuff inside this issue.
I don't normally look through any of the European trains magazine but the cover of Model Rail, Nov. 2016 caught my eye. A nice water scene with an offer for a free trawler kit. The kit can be downloaded from the link below till Feb 31 2017. It was interesting to see some neat little articles on detailing and weathering that made me take this issue might want to take a look for yourself...George Dutka

Link to Trawler is
Passcode is 228download310217

Downloadable trawler.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

OSR Plow train caught along the line by Peter Mumby last year...can't wait to see what is coming in 2017!

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Looking Ahead to 2017

I built this little diorama using a garage I purchase already built back in November. With some weathering and a lot of details it is looking pretty good...more on this next month.
About a week ago my wife and I made plans to head to Florida next week. Deciding on which coast to visit was easy as I have not seen my cousin in about 5 years (they live just north of Daytona Beach) and the Coco Beach RPM meet is on during this time frame. I have not been to the Coco Beach event, so it will be nice to take some of it in...remember my wife is along. We will be staying on site at the Coco Beach Hilton making it easy to take in a few clinics during the evenings. The pool is suppose to be heated so look for me there during the afternoon with drink in hand.

I have been working on the background scenery in Bellows Falls. My version of the Co-Operative creamery is built along with two other structures...these I will cover once I get back from down south. I also finished revamping a few structures for sale at upcoming shows ( purchased built but have been redone and detailed) I really like how they turned out and I think I might just hang onto them for now. More on these later. Anyhow if you are Coco Beach and you see me, make sure to say hello...even if we have never met before...George Dutka

The third and last build of my Bar Mills shack-pack will be used in my Bellows Falls scene. More on this one shortly.

Friday, 30 December 2016

CN 44 Tonner - Bachmann Model

A CN 44 tonner heads past my section house on the WRD. The engine is from the first offering by Bachmann. This engine seems to have been offered many times but with little change other than DCC is now included. Might be time for someone to come up with a high end model including sound.
I built this engine for Peter Mumby at least 20 years ago...or when the Bachmann Model first came out. Think that was sometime in the 1990's. I used one of the photos from the last post for reference when I built the model. From that photo it appeared to have been painted a tone of green. All other views I have seen have these engines in black. I decided on a green to match the fleet of Geep's...George Dutka

I don't recall all I did to this little switcher. I did add a fuel filler near the cab as seen in the photo, Kadee's, numberboards (I believe they are Miniatures by Eric) awings and wind deflectors. Markers  are included on one end also. The decals are over Scalecoat CN olive green paint. This paint is now offered by Minuteman Scale Models. The handrails and grill are brush-painted Floquil DRGW gold.

A hose bag is added to both ends. This engine also got dual headlights and a MU connector next to the headlight. A Juneco re-railer is also included. The engine came with windshield wipers.

A couple of figures sure add a lot to this little model. I believe both WRD employee's are supplied by Woodland Scenics.

Peter's 44 tonner was over for a visit in December and a photo session erupted.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

CNR 44 Tonner's

This engine has a green tone to it and a yellow-gold coloured end grill not seen on other engines. Most photo I have seen the engines were black. No data on the back of this print. The fuel cap can be seen cut through the side of the triangular piece next to the cab. The headlight is a twin beam and also has MU plugs near headlight.

Two photo views of 44 tonner's in my collection and a couple from Peter's...always liked the looks of these little engines. When Bachmann first came out with the 44 tonner I detailed one as a CN unit which is now in the Peter Mumby collection...more on that model shortly...George Dutka

Interesting looking early era front end. Not sure how long this front style lasted on the foot boards.
This engine has awnings and side window deflectors. Marker lights and MU connectors near the headlight. Note the rerailer location. Peter Mumby collection

Peter Mumby collection.