Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Crosby Coal - Coal Loader

My finished conveyer is ready to be installed at Crosby Coal.

Scale Scenics - Belt Conveyer

While building Crosby Coal I needed a few detail features to complete the scene. One I though would fit well into the scene was a belt coal conveyer. I purchased a white metal model by Scale Scenics #652-3508. This is a simple kit to construct. The holes in the wheels need to be reamed out with a hobby knife so they can fit on the shafts. Some flashing needed to be cleaned up also.  I used Walthers Goo for attaching all the detail parts. I then painted the conveyer with Floquil Pullman green. After this dried for a few days a wash of very thin Floquil Grimy black is applied along with some chalk weathering. The conveyer would be really dirty from all the coal. I do not like the looks a bright colours on my models. Especially when they have seen years of use. The wheels that are red I just dusted with red chalk weathering. The models details are highlighted with some rust chalk. And that's now on to the next project...George

The kit is all laid out and I am ready to begin.

The model is almost completed...I use my tweezers to hold things in place while they dry.

A prototype view of a conveyer I found in the D&H Rouses Point NY yard near the car shops on April 1, 1989. Lots of snow that year....George Dutka photo.

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