Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bar Mills - Twin Roof Entry Pak

A roof entry is added to the stone section of my mill.
Some time ago I picked up a two pack of Bar Mills roof entries. I wanted to add a bit more interest to this stone part of my Bellows Falls Mill so one entry was added...George Dutka

Here is a look at what is included in this kit. It was a really simple build with some interesting details.

This little kit had a lot more details than one would expect to get. There also was a small booklet included that could help one model structures better.
The entry was modeled as unpainted and weathered. I did this using Hunterline stains and Bragdon powders. The roof is tarpaper and one of the castings was added to the side wall. A Tichy door and window is included in the kit. I added a few board leaning against the wall. I might add a worker up there at some point when I find one that fits the scene.

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