Sunday, 11 August 2019

A Visit to Bill Moore's B&M Layout

Bill has many impressive looking structures to go along with his great looking engines and rolling stock.
On Thursday I picked up Don at a truck stop outside of Sarnia en-route to Michigan. We were headed to visit Bill Moore and check out his B&M Connecticut River Line. Bill has a really nice larger size layout underway. Most of the trackage is down and operating sessions occur on a regular basis. Bill is an exceptional modeler with a lot of thought given to each project he undertakes. We had a great time checking out his nice collection of brass and seeing some of it operate. I wish I had taken some photos of his CV collection...maybe on another visit...George Dutka.

Bill has done a great job with Monster Model's Robertson Paper Co.
Bill points out  to Don what he did to his milk car and CV caboose. This is his work shop which includes staging.
This is actually a B&M station that Bill scratch-built using photos.
As one comes down the stairs to the basement you see this great looking watercolour map of the Connecticut River Line from Greenfield to Springfield which includes a few locations that Bill models.
Bill an NMRA member is working on his MMR with many of the certificates already earned.
While in the workshop Bill pointed out some of the Krylon paints he uses which give a very flat finish and are used to colour flex track and also as base coats on bridges and structures.

One of the many engines on the layout. This engine has got a bit of weathering done by a friend.

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