Saturday, 19 October 2019

O H Wright & Co. -Shop or Storage Structure

The storage shed when I got it was assembled and spray-bombed a grimy colour. The signs used are from an old MR article.
I refurbished a storage shed recently and will be taking it to Woodstock Train Show tomorrow...someone will be going home with a nice addition to their layout...George Dutka

All the doors are modeled open so some interior details are added.
More on what I did to this structure in another post. These end signs including the Tim Horton's are from a photo I took of a tobacco shed near my home. I colour photocopied the print and cut out what I needed.
This roof was my work surface for two hands on clinics I have done "rusting it up".


  1. George - looks great, really nice job. I hope I get to see it tomorrow before the lucky buyer takes it home.