Sunday, 25 March 2012

White River Division Milk Train

The Central Vermont Ry. milk extra is headed by CV RS-3 #3901 with northbound empties from White River Jct. This overall  view depicts one of my typical milk trains crossing the White River with a good mix of milk, baggage and boxcars.

Central Vermont Milk Extra
on the White River Division

The viewed photo is my version of a CV milk train along the White River Division using my current fleet of rolling stock. CV RS-3 #3901 heads a northbound empties train from White River Junction to St. Albans, Vermont. The train includes CNR baggage car loaded with express goods, one empty Whiting milk car, three empty Central Vermont milk cars, a loaded CV boxcar, a empty CNR boxcar which came all the way up from the New Haven Ry. and the Central Vermont caboose.

The equipment used to model this train starting from the head end are a CNR pre-1954 Rapido baggage car that is seen in my Jan 15th 2012 post. The first milk car is a Whiting 40' version made from a Roundhouse milk car model. The next two milk cars are Central Vermont milk cars, one in the green with the red metal placard. The other is in the original silver scheme, but heavily weathered since I wanted one of these milk cars in my fleet as a carry over from an earlier era. The silver milk cars would have been painted over into the green by the end of the 1940's but this one escaped the paint shop untouched. These two models are also Roundhouse models that I will cover in a future post. The last CV milk car is a F&C kit done in the green with the red metal CV placard. The boxcar behind the milk cars is a CV wooden outside brace boxcar that has been converted from a Walthers or Train Minitures kit. The next boxcar is a Proto 1000, CNR 36' Fowler boxcar followed by a brass Central Vermont caboose.

Since the time I took this photo I have acquired two CNR express baggage car, one a Bethlehem Car Works 63' kit which I need to build and the other a finished AHM conversion done 20 plus years ago by my good friend John Blatherwick. These two cars would be commonly found operating on the CV in Vermont and can be used on my milk extras or my Ambassador passenger train...George Dutka

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