Sunday, 14 October 2012

B&M Stations - Connecticut River Line

B&M station at Ely, Vt. Sept. 2012
B&M Ry Stations

 north of White River Jct.
Fall 2012

I spent a portion of the afternoon prior to WRJ Glory Days following Route 5 north from White River Junction up to Barnet, Vermont. I had followed the tracks south from Newport to Bradford a couple of decades ago but never the portion just north of WRJ. Part of the reason I decided to follow this route was to find a few good photo locations for a rail fan trip possibly next fall and to view the stations still standing along the line.

I did find most of the existing stations along the route although I did miss two...I'll check them next time. Departing WRJ, the station at Norwich I missed. The first station I visited is 9 miles north of WRJ. Pompanoosuc known as Kendall is now a residence and in very good shape. My next stop another 5 miles north is Thetford. The station currently appears to be used as a storage facility for a construction business. 4 miles up the track I found Ely station looking as it did when in use by the B&M. A B&M style order board is also including. The two story station is now a home. At Ely there still is a siding that on my visit was partly full of cars.

Kendall station is a home today.

Thetford, Vermont station is now used for storage by a local construction company.
Ely station fully restored and used as a home.

Fairlee station is located 3 miles north of Ely. The station is in good shape and used as a flea market. I was able to take a look inside since it was open that afternoon. Much of the interior looks as it did when in use. The vendor mentioned she thought the station was the oldest of the stations along the line. Next door was a very interesting feed mill which would make a great looking model.

 Ex-B&M station Fairlee, Vermont looking north.

Bradford B&M station is getting a face lift, Sept 2012

The old station sign is still on site but attached to the fence.
Newbury station site is empty and is actually located outside of town.

I missed seeing the Piermont - Bradford station but I did stop at Bradford station known as Hooker which is 7 miles north of Fairlee station. The station is used as an animal hospital and was currently undergoing exterior renovations. This station is the site of many of Phil Hastings photos. From there I visited the site of the long gone Wells River station. I did get a few photos of the section house still standing just north of the site. I also took a few measurements. (I measured the structure a couple of decades ago but since then lost my notes).

The old station sign is still on site but attached to a large industrial garage.

The CPR Wells River section house still stands in Sept 2012 and is located just north of the station site.

My last stop before heading back to WRJ was a brief stop at Barnet Vt.  to view Marvin Kendall's Passumpsic RR. A lot of the equipment can be seen from route 5. It was a interesting afternoon spent following Route 5 and I found a ton of great spots to photograph the Washington County Railroad on my next visit...George Dutka

At Barnet, Vt. one will find the Passumpsic RR collection along route 5.

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