Tuesday, 2 October 2012

CNR Fowler boxcars in New England

My CNR Fowler boxcar began as just the painted shell.
CNR Fowler boxcar 
in New England
This is a short article I revised from the original CVRHS Ambassador article I did back in 2006 with new photos and some modelling details. I thought it was worth doing again since many of these cars would have been found in New England and can be modelled easily.

In the May 2006 issue of Railway Model Craftsman there was a nice article by Ted Culotta featuring the Dominion Fowler patent 36' single-sheathed boxcars. The cars featured were those of the CNR, CPR and TH&B. What I found interesting was the photo's of the CNR cars and the location the photos are taken. They are seen in New London, Ct. area, and on a New Haven train. It appears that these boxcars could be found at points that interchange with CN lines. Many CNR boxcars made there way into New England on the CV, and GT. The photo found on page 100 of the article views a New Haven train with the CV New London interchange on the head end. One can find four CNR Fowler cars in the first seven cars of the train.

My finished model with the RMC article. CNR 404862 seen on the left is in New London. Ct. Sept 1951

Proto 1000 Models...
For the modellers these cars are very easy to add to your fleet using the Proto 1000 Fowler cars pre-painted for the CNR and CPR. I purchased just the painted shell back around 2005 and added my own styrene floor and an extra underframe. I also used whatever trucks and Kadee couplers I had at the time. I also added a wire bleed rod and piece of chain to the under body. Since the shell is painted, detailed and lettered I just sprayed a light overcoat of Floquil boxcar red and added some chalk weathering...happy modelling...George.

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