Friday, 13 September 2013

Petersburgh, NY Station Model

The finished model of my Petersburgh station. Although by my era the order board would have been gone and most of the station details would not have been still was nice to include.
This past spring and summer I finally got started working on an Atlas station kit that I wanted to convert into a Rutland Ry. style station. This was a really easy project...not sure why I kept it in storage for decades. I first saw this conversion on the NEB&W as the Bartonsville station. John Nerich pointed this out to me many years ago. I chose another Rutland Ry. station that looked similar to the kit. Petersburgh, NY station was a smaller simple station that reflected what I wanted to do. It also was the first station south of Petersburgh Jct., a connection with the B&M on the corkscrew division. Petersburgh, NY would work well as a drop in style structure that could be located on the White River Division.

I will cover the prototype and construction of the station shortly...just thought I would pass along a few views from the finished model...George Dutka

Here is my station in progress placed on top of a photo of the same model on the NEB&W.

The station sign is a photocopy of the original sign. I added a lot of details around the concrete platform. The concrete platform included with the kit was really nice so I decided to use it. The original station platform was wooden and raised at one end at one point, then cinders near the end of its existence.

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