Friday, 8 November 2013

Harvest Time - Pumpkin Patch Restoration

My recently restored pumpkin patch diorama. The original post of this scene was posted on Sept. 5, 2012.
 White River Division's pumpkin patch lives on!

The pumpkin patch is now restored after being removed from the White River Division. I am not sure how this diorama will be used or when it will be installed once again on my layout. I think for now it will be used as a photo background or foreground scene. The restoration was fairly easy and took a few short sit down work sessions. The cut out section was glued to a large piece of Gatorfoam. I used Woodland Scenics plaster cloth to form the new contoured edges. Once dry it got a coat of my ground colour latex paint. I used my usual ground cover but added some products new to me also...will touch on them in a later post. In a another post I will also cover the Alder barn that is seen in this scene...George Dutka

Here is a close up look at the pumpkin patch. The two figures and tractor are from Woodland Scenics.
The torn out pumpkin patch from my White River Division has been glued onto Gatorfoam. The edges are covered with plaster cloth.

This is the barn base that I originally built from hydrocal. I just poured a formed block then once dry carved in the stone work. It now needed a little touching up. I used a wash of Hunterline weathering stain.
An end look at the scene in photos above and below.

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