Monday, 4 November 2013

Wednesday Visit to Sarnia

Don Janes explains how this new scene will look to Don and Larry.
I got a e-mail from Gary Pembleton asking if I wanted to join him on a mini layout tour of Sarnia last Wednesday. Gary had Larry Brinker and Don Pearce participating but still had room for one more.We began with a stop by at Don Janes layout, followed by a visit to Bruce Peachey and Frank Henophy. The boys took a look at my layout before calling it a day....George

Mug shot time...from left to right is Gary, Don, Don and Larry.
The two Don's are in in the expansion area of the Green Mountain Division. The sky colour Don is using is a match to what I have on the White River Division. In photos it works great.
Bruce Peachey stand in front of his On30 layout.
Bruce's layout has many tight curves which gives him the ability to add two peninsula's . Operations seem to work well on the layout.
Frank Henophy has a huge collection of Lionel which runs extremely well. Frank is a CNR conductor who I have not seen if quite some time...I believe the last time was when he was part of a  re-crew for me on the Halton sub....well before I retired 4 years ago.

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  1. Neat stuff. I'm from Sarnia as well, but haven't really met other local modelers. There must be more out there than I think. :-)