Friday, 14 March 2014

Snapshot - March 2014

Westbound UP Stack train meets an eastbound manifest at Tucumcari, NM.  This was a Rock Island interchange at one time but the ROCK went bust and the line torn up.

     I always look forward to day three of our trip to Arizona.  That is when we start following the Union Pacific west of Tucumcari, NM  and the BNSF not too far west of Albuquerque , NM all the way to Holbrook, NM where we head southwest to our winter home in Apache Junction, AZ, about 30 miles east of Phoenix.  Weather here is in the 80’s and sunny every day.  Not trying to make you feel bad, just FYI.  This year I went a little further west to visit Winslow and Flagstaff AZ before heading south.  The following are a few shots I took on day 3 and 4.  Enjoy….Don Janes

An eastbound stack train, with another one in the distance pulls into Winslow for a crew change just before sunset.
A westbound stack trains leaves town with a fresh crew at dusk
Don Janes is "standing on a corner" in Winslow, Arizona
Dawn brought another eastbound container train into Winslow.
Two stack trains meet at the west end of Winslow.
An eastbound BNSF train rounds an S curve just east of Flagstaff.

Two more container trains meet east of Flagstaff.
An eastbound BNSF manifest passes Darling, AZ just east of Flagstaff.
A small RR museum in Winslow with several ATSF cabooses and a big hook.

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