Sunday, 2 March 2014

Westboro, NH - B&M Section House

I am really surprised this structure is still standing. I had a really hard time getting all the measurements I needed. The rear wall was impossible to get at.
I am currently working up a scale drawing so I can build the Westboro, NH section house. I had to dig out my photos and measurements...thought I would share a few of my detailed photo with you. The photos are from Oct 12, 2011 and Oct 3 2012....George Dutka

This portion was an add on at some point. One can see an original window inside the shed at this end.
The roof is gone and the top part of the end wall has fallen inside the structure.  I did not dare go inside as the rest can fall in at any time. I did count some board and took a few measurements and photos from outside. This window and trim was the only pieces still in good shape. It appears the trim was green at the peak with a gray or green window.
Looking in the main door one can see the only window on the rear wall.
The sliding door track cover.
The inside window can be seen better in this photo. The end window can also be seen inside the shed. It appears that probably the same time the shed was added a new wall was added to the inside of the main building. There is no window seen on the inside.
An overview of what is left. The track is still in place in front of the structure. This was a good location to pick up some nice ground cover for my Westboro scene. There also was some cinders close by. The interior was painted gray with a dark trim around the windows. The outside is really weathered but appears to have been gray at one time with dark trim on windows...either black, dark gray or green....could not commit,  just a guess.

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