Tuesday, 1 July 2014

CV White Boxcars

Here we see a photo I have viewed many times in the past...mainly in CNR brochures and ads. In Trackside Treasures the photo is explained in some detail along with the fleets history. It has been a number of years since I last saw one of the CV white boxcars. These cars used to appear regularly on the CNR passing through London, Ont. on trains #393 and #392.

Trackside Treasures is a neat blog you might want to check out for Canadian related information. At least I found it very interesting. Trackside Treasures actually has some material regarding Canadian Railway subsidiaries such as the CV. If one looks hard, one can find a nice post on the CV white boxcars. There also are some other interesting Canadian blogs that one can link to on the right side of the home page. Use the link below to get to the CV white boxcar page....happy hunting and happy Canada Day...George Dutka

Trackside Treasure: CV White Boxcars

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  1. Very cool, and great pics. He even linked tiO a photo of my model of the CV white boxcar,

    Mike Mc.
    Delran, NJ