Tuesday, 8 July 2014

More New Motive Power?

Recently I got a message for Don Janes...I am getting a great deal on the new Atlas DCC & sound B&M S-2's do you want in...sure do...I saw these engines at Collinsville and they run and sound great. The engine detailing is far superior to those on the old units I have from years ago. It appears the White River Division and Green Mountain Route will now be able to get more yard switching done (if not at least the yard will sound better) with some new yard power added to the roster. Actually if you follow the B&M Yahoo group Don is clearing out (for sale) three B&M engines to make room for the new acquisition...check them out....George Dutka


  1. George, Who's selling those B&M S2's, could use one. I'm always looking at you and Marty's posts, since we are modeling similar areas of New England. JOHN HAJNOSZ CVRHS

    1. Hi John: Don found them through e-bay...the same seller had two B&M units..Don purchased both for us...you might want to keep an eye on e-bay for some more offerings...George