Friday, 5 September 2014

Atlas S-2

What a great looking engine....with a few tweaks a better sounding one also.
Don Janes sent me the following information regarding the Atlas S-2. He had been playing around with his Atlas S-2 sound features. One can downloaded the manual from the Atlas web site as seen below.

Don printed pages 26 and 27 (CV values for changing individual sounds plus the factory default values) and pages 13 and 14 which lists the function numbers for the various functions. He followed the steps on page 27 and changed the following sound CV values.  Here is a list of the ones he we all can have an even better sounding engine....George Dutka

CV 3=60 (acceleration rate)
CV 4 = 40 (deceleration rate)
CV 31=16 (see note in manual under the table)
CV 32= 1 (    “                “                  “          ) 
CV 259 = 48 (Diesel  Engine Volume)
CV 275 = 48 (Horn Volume)
CV 283=36 (Bell Volume)
CV 307=25 (Air Compressor Volume)
CV 315=24 (Radiator Fan Volume)

Coasting along the White River Division.

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