Friday, 13 May 2016


Bellows Falls jumps a few decades into the future for the summer months.
As the season changes so does my era. All my 1950's equipment is now put away till mid fall. For the spring and summer I have out on the layout my equipment that covers the 1960's through the 1980's era. My sailboat went in today which means I will not be home much and posts will be in summer mode. I have a lot of material to cover as time permits and Peter and Don have a few posts in the works also...have a great summer season and posts will be back to normal when the weather cools...George Dutka

I took these photos yesterday viewing the WRD as it will look for the next few months.

The CV has taken over the shop area of Westboro. The sand is routed via the PRR.

The White River Jct. yard is kind of empty these days...with the new yard in Bellows Falls using up a portion of the fleet I might have to spend a bit of time next winter assembling a few more era kits.

1960's milk service is still up and running with these two CV milk cars.

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