Thursday, 21 February 2019

Throwback Thursday - Always a Fan of the ACR.

The former Algoma Central 188 shows off its new WC number at Gladstone, Michigan on July 05, 1998.  It looks as if the Wisconsin Central red shield had been applied below the nose, but had already worn off.
By Peter Mumby.
Late in 1952 the Algoma Central Railway became the first Canadian railway to be fully dieselized.  The roster at this time consisted of two SW8 yard units and twenty-one GP7 road switchers, all constructed during 1951 and 1952 by General Motors Diesel in London, Ontario.  The unit in today's photo also came from GMD, albeit with an October 1973 built date.  There were a few tweaks along the way, but basically ACR units of every vintage sported the same paint scheme.

The former ACR 188 acquired its new road number sometime after the railway was taken over by Wisconsin Central Ltd. on Feb. 01, 1995.  This new ownership was short-lived, as WC itself became a CN property on Oct. 09, 2001.  At this time, both WC 6006 and IC 6006 would have appeared in CN computers.

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