Sunday, 3 February 2019

Williams Bros. Inc. - 1950 Chev Stake Truck Kit

My new 1950's Chev appears in Bellows Falls, Vermont
Another truck I assembled while on a roll last year is a 1950 Chevrolet stake truck by Williams Bros. Inc. I actually found that I had two. They are very simple to build just need the stakes painted and added along with the wheels. The hard part is getting the windows masked well before painting.

I used a can of red spray-bomb for the body. The stakes are painted a wood colour and frame and tires chalkboard paint black. I added some acrylic rust spots but it may get more weathering at a later date, a FOS scale plate and styrene mudflaps. The hubs are painted silver along with door handles and grill. The grill was just dry brushed. Now to see what I can do with these other Williams Bros. models...George Dutka

Some details are added to the box. Most are Juneco details although a Tichy barrel lid, wood board and a sign is also included. The more details the more interest to the box.

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