Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Throwback Thursday - Centennial Logos

THB 70 ton open top hopper #1218 was photographed on August 25, 1984 in Hamilton's Aberdeen Yard.  The white centennial leaf was prominently displayed at the centre of the car side.
By Peter Mumby.
Canada's Centennial celebrations took place in 1967.  Starting in 1966, the Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway (THB) applied the centennial logo to a variety of their freight cars.  This logo featured a stylized leaf made from eleven equilateral triangles.  There was one triangle for each of the ten provinces; the eleventh triangle represented the combined territories.  On either side of the stem the years 1867/1967 appeared.  Company policy was for these markings to be removed after 1967.  As both of the accompanying photos were made in the 1980s, this was obviously a long term process.

THB 3296 carries a green centennial logo on the second panel to the right of the sliding door.

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  1. That's very cool! I didn't realize some THB cars had the Centennial logo on them. I have seen that logo on a few grain elevators.