Friday, 9 December 2011

D&H Kadee PS-1 Boxcar

My D&H Kadee PS-1 boxcar is on the layout and ready to roll. Nothing was added to this car other than weathering.

Out of the box Kadee cars...

I few weeks back at a local train show I got a great deal on a Kadee D&H, PS-1 boxcar. It had never been used for $12.50. When I buy rolling stock these days I put the cars in one of two categories...#1, put the car right on the layout with little effort or #2, a kit car that will be built during the current modelling season. If it is something that is to be put away for a later date...I know I don't really need it. I have a two drawer cabinet full of these for a later date already and there is no room for any more until some of my models are built. I may not live long enough to finish all I have now. The Kadee D&H car falls into category #1, so I purchased it. I may have mentioned it before but I badly need to build a new yard for all these cars and I hope to get started on Bellows Falls yard this winter.
The Kadee car is out of the box and looks really new...even the yellow card stock is seen reflected onto the car.

Out of the box the D&H car looks great although it is very shiny and new looking. This will not fit in with my dulled down weathered fleet. Dull coat could help but from past experience there still is a new look to a car. The D&H boxcar shows a built date of 1951 and a refurbished date of 1957. The model could have been left in new paint if need be since I do model the 1950's.

Boxcars do get dull and grimy very fast, so I decided to hit the whole car with some over spray. This whole process took less than an hour.  I used Floquil boxcar red starting with airbrushing the roof and areas with no lettering working towards the lettering. That lettering and logo areas got just a very light coat. I also airbrushed the couplers, trucks and under body Floquil grimy black. I set it aside for maybe half a hour while I cleaned up the airbrush then used light chalk weathering to finish the job. The chalk sticks to the car since it is still a little bit tacky, but dry enough to wipe off if need be. No dulcote is used. You be the judge if this quick simple effect can work for you....George Dutka

The D&H boxcar is all finished and ready to be added to the White River Division fleet.
A look at the other side of the D&H car.

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