Sunday, 11 December 2011

Green Mountain Division Water Spouts

A Rutland Ry. steamer is spotted up for a drink at the water spout on Don Janes Green Mountain Division. The location is North Bennington, Vermont. Photo by Don Janes.

The New Haven, Vermont  brass model spout.
Don Janes water spouts

photo by Don Janes

Don has sent me his first post to continue the coverage of various water spouts that can be purchased and details Don has added to complete the scenes. The following are Dons comments.

The New Haven, Vt. water spout found on my Green Mountain Division layout is a brass model made by NJ International. I purchased this spout years ago, but you can still find them occasionally on e-bay for between $25 and $50. The brass spout  is teamed up with a Railworks brass 50,000 gal. water tank that would feed the spout.

New Haven, Vt. spout is seen along with the tank that feed it. Don Janes photo

Close up view of Don's water spout tool rack at WRJ.
At my White River Junction engine terminal on the old part of my layout I also have a Tichy water spout that has been detailed and weathered.  I added a long chain to the spout - standpipe, a chain and loop for the valve at the top and a large yellow valve to control  the water supply to the spout. Next to the water spout is a small tool rack I built from wood and metal castings for the tools that would be used at this location.

 Another location that a water spout is located is at North Bennington on my new layout. That shows you three locations on my Green Mountain Division layout using two different brands of water spouts.

I took a few detailed photos while visiting at Marlinton, WV. A C&O spout is located there. I can always use more prototype views for future modelling and weathering projects...Don Janes

A closer look at the North Bennington, Vt. water spout. It is a Tichy model kit that can be easily assembled, painted and weathered. Don Janes model and  photo.
A C&O water tank and water spout at Marlinton, WV. Don Janes photo
Looking closer at the spout in Marlinton, WV. Don Janes photo
A closeup look at the details.

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