Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New England Maps

collection of George Dutka
 Waterbury, Vermont
 Maps and birds eye view...

From time to time I will post some of my maps and birds eye view's that I have collected over the years. I first have to find enough time to scan the maps into my computer. Years ago during many of my early trips to New England I would spend at least one day per trip scouring libraries, museums and historical societies researching my favourite  rail lines. During the 1990's I also was the editor of the Central Vermont Railway Historical Society's newsletter The Ambassador. Back then I was able to make many contacts while finding some neat stuff. One of the most helpful gentleman I was able to befriend was Stearns Jenkins who had saved a lot of railroad railway material while working for the Vermont Government. Stearns collection is now at the University of Vermont in Burlington. Unfortunately most of my contacts are not with us anymore but I do have many fond memories of visits and letters received. I am starting off with Waterbury, Vermont. These are for you Marty....George Dutka

Waterbury map 1873
This Waterbury areal photo is actually only a photocopy I have scanned. It was sent to me years ago by Streans Jenkins when I was researching the creameries along the CV in Waterbury, Vermont 5-9-1962.
Since the photo is too long for one scan this is the north end the the same photo as above. The crease in the copy will help you locate the added area. Copy is 5-9-1962
The south end of Waterbury 5-9-1962 Stearns Jenkins collection.

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  1. George,
    Great images of Waterbury! Thanks, Marty