Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Snapshot - October 2013

Nothing unusual about this photo other than Don Janes catching me taking a down low photo of the CNR power that had come in on the Southbound freight. Don and I try at times to catch each other in the scene on our outings.
Visiting St. Albans

Back in Oct. 2010 Don Janes and I attended the CVRHS convention held in St. Albans. I was invited to attend the meeting on Friday evening regarding the the CVRHS  quarterly the Ambassador. Don and I arrived early at the head office where the meeting was to be and found the southbound had arrived in town. The power was run up to the office and the crew went inside for a moment. Well that was a good time to get a few different angles of the power. Don took this photo of me getting a down low view. I always like trying a low level shot when the opportunity arises...George Dutka

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