Friday, 18 April 2014

B&M Westboro Section House - Second Look

The section house is placed across from the sand tower. The switch is the lead to the Westboro shop area on my WRD.
Here are a few photos I took of the section house  now located in Westboro on the White River Division. This area of the layout is now least for now. I never know when a new idea might pop up. By the way this weeks Wordless Wednesday is the rear wall of this structure....George Dutka

The side door is modeled open. I have yet to add some workers to this scene.
I added a B&M - CV joint airline sign to the rear of the structure recently. It is just leaning there as it may have been removed from a billboard in town.
I like modeling my doors open these give me more area for details.

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  1. I like it, I cant wait to see who you add as the new resident :)