Friday, 4 April 2014

Yesterday - Moving Forward

The hole is cut to the next room and a new yard location. You are looking into the room that the White River Division is located. The area were the scenery ends is the old duck under location. I have put temporary bracing up to get the curve right from the layout to the hole in the wall.
Yesterday I had about a two hour gap between house work at my daughters and when her sister showed up to learn how to do her taxes. I decided to do something with the piece of flex track that was dangling were the duck under once was. I planned to continue into the next room this winter...that did not happen. I had marked the spot for the hole why not cut it out and curve the track through it. That would give me all summer to think about what will be done in regards to scenery, hiding the wall opening and track planning in the next room.

The hole was an easy cut with no wires or studs to deal with. I used some left over lumber, plywood and cork road bed to place a few temporary supports for the track. All was levelled out and in less than the time allotted....George Dutka.

A different angle looking away from the layout.

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