Saturday, 5 April 2014

Era Update

What's this a non 1950's engine on the White River Division. I have been debating what to do with this DCC-sound engine...I think I have figured it out.
This past Monday during our weekly work session I showed Peter my Bachmann DCC-Sound CPR S-2 that I purchased last summer with a thought of repainting it as B&M 1265. I had held off painting it as I kind of liked the looks of it in CPR paint. This particular engine has become part of a display in Toronto next to the old CPR roundhouse downtown. While having still a good 20-25 rail cars for the 1960 through 1980's era Peter suggested running the engine with a few cars and a caboose from time to time. I do have a couple of CV engines and a caboose that would work for that era plus the B&M bluebird geep that hung around in that scheme for a long time. I think it might just work. I do have a good number of rolling stock pieces that I just can not part with even though they do not fit into the 1950's era that I model. Maybe I might just try that...detail the CPR engine as painted and from time to time change the era. Not much would have to be changed on the layout other than some cars and trucks. Peter and I did just that last spring for a photo session...something to think about through the summer I would say....George Dutka

Here one sees a portion of my contemporary fleet of boxcars. These might look good behind my CPR engine. I might have to look for a yellow CPR caboose.

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