Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Central Vermont Caboose No 4017 - For Sale

This is one of the photos posted on Craigslist which I believe might have been from days in use by the CV. It currently need a good amount of effort. It was last used by the CV in 1976.
On some of the Yahoo groups I follow I see a Central Vermont caboose is up for sale. Asking price is $7,500 and can be found on Craigslist in the Burlington, Vt. area. The caboose is actually in a barn in Williston, Vt. It was moved from Newport, Vt. and stored for the last 20 years. Some work has been done but a lot is still required as seen in the photos...thought I would share this with you...George Dutka

It appears a lot of work is required to this side of the caboose.
The interior still has all the original details from when in use.

This appears to be the better side of the caboose. It still is resting on its trucks.


  1. I know this was posted a while ago, but where is the craiglist listing for this? I'm looking to buy it

    1. Being it was for sale two years ago I doubt the listing will still be around...go to CV SIG on Yahoo and mention you are interested in the caboose and someone might direct you in the right direction...George

    2. This is still available. My father owns this Caboose and I believe he is still interested in selling it to the right person.

    3. Thanks for the update Kelly...George