Tuesday, 6 December 2016

CN International Service Cabooses, Part IV

According to the Canadian Trackside Guide 1988, cars 78130-78135 were all modified in 1987.  That being the case, the Jan 25, 1987 date of this photo could well have marked the first eastbound trip for this car.  If you choose to run your new TLT model right out of the box sans weathering, here is your photographic reference!  This car is ex-CN 79417.
Commentary and Photographs by Peter Mumby

George has already covered the CN International Service (yellow cupola) cabooses in three earlier posts.  He dealt with the True Line Trains model on Oct. 28, and showcased the prototype vans on Oct 29 and Nov 03, 2016.  We will wrap up this little series by featuring a few examples found in my photo album.

The CN vans which eventually received the modifications for international service were originally constructed at the Point St Charles shops between 1970 and 1974.  The 78100-78129 group was modified 1982/83, while 78130-78135 were shopped in 1987.  These were very smart looking cars, so it is little wonder that we took a fair number of photographs of this relatively small number series.  I am not aware of why some of the yellow cupolas featured a contrasting white band; comments or explanations would be appreciated.

Also photographed in London, Ontario, CN 78132 shows about a year's worth of additional road grime.  It also displays some sort of light fixture added centrally on the roof end.  The end number has been shifted to the right to accommodate this modification.  Ex-CN 79486 was lensed on Feb 28, 1988.

This is presumably the opposite end of the same car featured in the previous picture.  The same type of end light has been applied, although not much attention was paid to relocating the end number!  This shot was taken in London as well, although no data is available, and the photographer is unknown.

I probably will not be applying these modifications to one of my new $90 TLT models!  CN 78133 (ex-79501) arrived at the London Reclamation Yard aboard CN flatcar 664078 after serving as an International Service van for less than two years.  Jan 01, 1989.

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