Thursday, 8 December 2016

FOS Building Flat Kit

The loading platform is full of details I scrounged from my detail packages. My worker is a Juneco section man which normally is using a shovel and is posed with his hands up over his shoulder. He also can be used to pull on ball signal chains.
At this years NNGC Don and I each purchased a building flat kit from FOS Scale Models. Mine is a soap factory which went together very well. I changed a few things that I thought should have been included in the kit. This is a really neat looking building with many different roof angles and will find a home in the background of my Bellows Falls mill scene...guess you figured out my Wordless Wednesday already...George  Dutka

The walls went together very well. The instruction sheets help a lot with part recognition and painting guide...but as usual I did not follow doing my own thing.

Once all the walls are together I gave everything a wash of Hunterline weathering mix followed by a brush coat of thinned Floquil grime. Here we see the Bragdon powders being applied which coloured the walls. Dust bowl on the lap siding and green grunge on the planking.

The platform is painted Flquil concrete and the windows are sprayed Floquil grime with Panpastel white washed. If I was to re-do the concrete platform I would consider a cast one in plaster. The paper material used to represent the platform is nice but the seams show a bit.

As Peter says "Another urban fire trap for the layout!" The metal roofing which is made by Northeastern is a paper product. I painted it Floquil concrete then while still wet dabbed on some Floquil rust followed by dabs of grime. When it was almost dry I washed it all with my India ink mix. The ink gave it a neat flat finish blending all the colouring together.

I changed out the roofing which was a paper sheet with leftover Monster Model Works tar paper. The hoist comes with some string. I used Crow River Product chain. I boarded up the upper doorway, but left one open with a worker looking out. Some of the planking are pulled up and roof seams got some fresh tar made of gloss coat.
I added some scraps to the roof and weeds and trash around the footings. I left off the kit signs as I don't want it to be a soap plant.

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