Saturday, 3 December 2016

Tichy Outside Braced Boxcars

A new addition to the WRD fleet, a CP outside braced boxcar.
Here we see two newer additions to my WRD fleet. They are Tichy USRA clone cars. The correct ends for this cars built by the CPR in 1921 is 7/8 instead of the 5/5/5 USRA standards. The modeler of these cars used the 5/5/5 ends something I can live with since they are well built and a flea market steal...George Dutka

This Tichy car was well built and represents a fleet of 3500 cars built in 1921. They originally had grain unloading hoppers under the doors, but these quickly disappeared according to Don Tichy.
Another Tichy car but this one lettered for the CN. The CN had grain loading cars that found their way into New England in large numbers. I have seen numerous views of these cars in Portland, Maine. Not quite sure of the number on my might have to be changed at some point. My Bellows Falls yard is filling up quickly.

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