Thursday, 9 November 2017

Walthers Tower

A Walthers kit all done up.
About a year ago I picked up this Walthers tower already built up at a local hobby shop. I had planned to use it as a photo prop but since then have picked up a laser kit of the East Deerfield tower which will work a whole lot is how it looks before and is now gone from the WRD...George Dutka

This is how it looks when I got it home.

All the weathering was done using only 4 PanPastel colours.

I also added a bit of detailed junk and poster to the tower.


  1. I like the level of dirtiness you achieved, nice job!

  2. Gee, that's a real nice looking tower. Great work.

  3. Hi Jim, thanks. Yes I thought so too but I really like the Monster Model Works kit so have let the Walthers tower go...George