Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Look Down - B&M Hoppers

A look at the roof hatches on a pair of ex-B&M hoppers. Hamilton, Ont. June 25 2018.
Peter and I watched a Toronto bound CN train snake through Hamilton last Monday snapping a few views of rolling stock that caught our interest. Being positioned up on the overhead bridge gave us an angle that we normally do not view. When we saw the ex-B&M hoppers coming by we both thought this was a great chance to photograph how these cars look from above...George Dutka

Two of the three ex-B&M hoppers found heading east on the CN to Mac Yard Toronto.


  1. Nice views! Every day we have with these 'bluebirds' is borrowed time. No doubt heading for Belleville for more granules. A Facebook video of the CP 10 mph run to Havelock included three of them in the consist on The Other Railway.

    Years from now, someone will post..."Does anyone have a top-down view of the B&M cars?" Someone queried that the other day re: the Alcan Chemicals P-S covered hoppers and I was able to direct them to my Trackside Treasure post with Peter's photo in it.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Eric:
      Glad you liked them...always nice to see rolling stock from above...George