Monday, 2 July 2018

Sunoco Station - Repurposed

The ex-fuel station is now in place. I still need to model the old sign post with a broken sign.
A look at my finished model. The model is a City Classic kit that was started by someone else. Being modeled as closed down and boarded up I actually decided to model it as re-purposed as one door was missing and I modeled it as in the open position. It is now someones workshop restoring old cars and doing odd repairs...George Dutka

The model is a drop-in scene that normally is home to my Elwell general store when set in the 1950's.
I built the bottom part of the door to match the closed the doorway is part open. The base and inside the door styrene flooring (added additional flooring inside) is painted Floquil concrete with a brush. The blue is Floquil blue which is highlighted with Bragdon powders "the blues".
A lot of the signage are from FOS scale models.
The back block wall got detailed up also. Anita's acrylic grays is used with PanPastel white powders as accent.
Two stacks made from plastic Q-tips and a bit of junk like plates, newspapers, boards and tires. The crow bar and hammer are Tichy details. The roof colour is acrylic black chalk board paint.

Fine Scale Minitures tire rack is a detail I picked up at their open house during the 2016 Expo. With the door open I added a vintage car being restored and a lot of junk around the opening.Will take some more photos of the interior shortly. Tichy sludge hammer, broom and crow bars are added to the scene. The RC thermometer, CAA sign and free air sign are reduced in size from an O scale FOS scale kit.
Note the free air need to use the pump. For the plywood sheets I used scribed sheeting which is reversed. I used a pencil to add some nails and a bit of PanPasel's are dusted over the sheets.

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