Friday, 13 July 2018

A New Drop-in Scene

A new drop-in scene has been added to the WRD.
During the last heat wave I hid in the basement most of the time. I completed a few modeling projects including a new drop-in across from the boarded up gas station. This location most of the year has a flag stop B&M milk platform. Here is how it looks now...this now updated the whole main line from WRJ to Bellows Falls. Now to figure out what might happen in the yards...George Dutka

This garage is normally in place next to Elwell's general store across the tracks from this scene.
I added my rusty old car along with a few extra details. Although the garage is at the edge of the layout one thinks the home is located right next door even though it is not modeled.
The Gatorfoam base is all detailed up with everything glued down other than the car and garage as they need to be placed at other locations in the winter season. Along the outside garage wall is a Vermont Maple Syrup sign which came off another building I purchased a few years back. It was in my parts box since then. I think it adds to the flavor of New England by just leaning there.

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