Saturday, 4 August 2018

Modeling a Rusty Old Car

An old rust bucket car for anywhere I feel an old car looks right.
Here is a look at how I weathered one of my practice model cars....George Dutka

A coat of flat finish followed by a coat of alcohol and india ink. The rust spots are done with a coat of acrylic burnt umber and burnt sienna.
To tone down the rust spots and to add some general grime I used MIG and PanPastels.
The rust spots are then streaked with light rust.
This car is a cheap model that was nice to practice my weathering on and I think it looks pretty good...I just don't want to see a car like this in my own garage.
Not much to this car.
A last look at the car. Note the MIG powder gives it a kind of overall rust look to the roof and hood. I added a license plate which is a FOS scale offering reduced from O scale to HO.

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