Saturday, 5 January 2019

January 2019 - Update

On one of my November Monday Workshops with Peter Mumby I built a second Sylvan model. I changed the load on this model. It turned out to be a quick build as I had already completed the same model a week earlier. I will post some more photos and details shortly.
Life has thrown a curve into my modeling plans this winter. My mom being 90 is having issues and also my in-laws who are 94 and 92 are also needing extra commitment. Although I have kept up my posts with the help of Don and Peter I have not actually done any modeling in over a month other than one Monday workshop with Peter in December. The rest of this winter looks to follow the same path with Monday workshops and the rest of the time getting my mom settled in a home and prepping her home for sale within the next few months.

I have a lot of models built over the last few years that I have yet to lots of projects to write-up as I find time. The easiest posts will be prototype photos, layout visits and other model inspirations I came across which I have readily available. These will be the main focus over the next few months. Hopefully I can back at modeling sometime this winter. I will still be helping Peter at a few local trains shows and my original plan for Springfield is on hold for the moment...George Dutka

A partial view of a Quebec Central cattle car in St. Thomas, Ont. being pushed by a NYC switcher. Aug 18 1956, Bob Bowes collection. A nice article on the QC is in the current Classic Trains.
Rensselaer service area Nov. 3 2018. During my fall visit I noted this unidentifiable bird on the front knuckle. Not sure if this was a Halloween prank.
B&M yard Mechanicville, NY Feb. 1976. It is amazing how big the yard once was there. Don and I have visited it a few times recently and there is nothing left. I do recall seeing a bit of the yard in the 1990's but nothing like this. Bruce Nelson photo.
This is a FOS scale kit that I finished back in November for a waterfront scene that I plan to build. This is on hold for this modeling season. More on this structure will be posted on my Narrow Gauge blog sometime this winter. Link is on the sidebar.
The London & Port Stanley Ry is seen doing bridge work at an overpass in London. No data on the photo. Bob Bowes collection. I have had access to his collection and have a nice group of area photos scanned and ready for use.

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