Monday, 29 June 2020

Country Line Caboose - Hobby Shop

Country Line Caboose has been located in this building since 2000.
On Friday I went on a bit of a road trip north to Palmerston, Harriston and Elmwood, Ontario locations once along the CN Owen Sound Sub. Peter Mumby and I traveled this same route on June 14, 1997, or 23 years ago to attend a WOD-NMRA meet in Owen Sound. That was the last time I had been up that way, so it was interesting to see these location again.  A lot has changed. This post is about my last stop of the day, Elmwood the home of Country Line Caboose a hobby shop that on my past visit over two decades ago was still in the CN flanger which shared space with the ice cream shop.

Times have changed, the flanger is now used solely as the ice cream shop and a metal building is next door housing the hobby shop. I think it is an old truck trailer in disguise. The new shop was opened in 2000 with the annex in 2018 added in a storage building. The annex is mainly used stuff.

I picked up a few things in the hobby shop that I could not find locally. Of course I could not leave without getting an ice cream cone. They give you a customer card that once filled gets one a free cone. More on my trip later this week....George Dutka

The ice cream flanger and hobby shop June 26, 2020.
Carol Allen-Holtham purchased this caboose back in 1994 and opened the ice cream shop and hobby shop inside a year later in 1995. The flanger was moved from a farm field in Mildmay, Ontario along the long abandoned CN Southampton sub. The Owen Sound sub. I believe was right across the road from the flanger.
In 2018 the hobby shop expanded to the annex which has used and sell-off model railroad items.
A view from the road. Country Line caboose also attends most of the area model railway shows.

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