Sunday, 7 April 2013

D&H Caboose

A finished D&H caboose is seen operating over the White River Division. This is a rare sight and only happens when trains are rerouted due to derailments.

Adding a little D&H to the White River Division

Back in 2010 this Nickel Plate Product, D&H brass caboose came through Peter Mumby's used stock items. At $60 it was a great deal.  I had seen the prototype cabooses first hand when I began railfanning in New England many years ago. I have always liked the  D&H Ry., but it was just a road that did not fit into my scheme of things. I decided I could use it on occasion for rerouted D&H trains over the White River Division. The caboose has not seen much service on the WRD but at the price it was a good addition to my caboose collection.

My D&H van is seen before I began painting and detailing during the winter of 2010.
The Model
Finishing this model was a fairly easy job. I know I used a photo of  prototype caboose #35974, but can not find it at the moment. The only additions to the model are true scale #58 Kadee couplers and a conductor on the platform. My conductor is actually a Woodland Scenics engineman for the time being. The body was painted Floquil Tuscan red with a little mix of boxcar red added. The roof and under body is grimy black. I used Floquil D&RGW yellow which is a gold-yellow colour. I did not have a D&H caboose decal set but the Tichy decals for boxcars has all one needs to letter this model. The caboose got a light spray of Floquil grime on the trucks and underframe with a few spots of rusty chalk weathering...George Dutka

A D&H freight is departing Westminster Center on the White River Division en route to Rouses Point, NY.

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