Friday, 12 April 2013

Re-detailing a B&M RS-3

My re-detailed Atlas B&M engine heads over the White River
 B&M #1506
When I purchased two Bachmann RS-3's back in December which were both numbered 1536 that gave me three RS-3's with the same number. I had many years ago painted and lettered an Atlas RS-3 as 1536. I thought my Atlas engine could be a candidate for renumbering and detailing.

If I painted out the 3 and added a 0 I could detail my RS-3 into a different looking B&M engine. Since I already have two DCC sound RS-3 engines operating on the layout it might be best to turn this engine into a dummy. I could use the engine as extra power on the shop track or on longer trains.

My Atlas RS-3 as it once looked while running over the White River Division for many years. When I added DCC to my layout the unit was retired to my storage cabinet till I decided what I would do with it.
I had cut off the number board and filed the corner to accept a new number board.
The most obvious difference between B&M 1536 and 1506 is in the style of the number boards at each corner. Peter Mumby had a package of similar number boards handy that made the conversion easy. I began the refit by removing the power leads and  engine drive gears. These I saved in a baggy just in case I wanted to re-power the unit at a later date. I then carved off the four corner number boards as best I could with a sharp hobby knife. I did not do any sanding as this is a finished unit and I did not want to repaint and decal the engine again. The carved areas got a touch of Floquil engine black. I then filed a notch to set the new number boards in each corner. I used Detail Associates NB 2602 number boards. These also got painted engine black.

When I decided to change the number I needed to paint out the 3 and add a 0. I used Scalecoat B&M maroon #S2123. I then used the 0 from my B&M  #5815H Accu-cals set. I was luck that the number stayed together as the set is quiet old. For the number boards I used Microscale CNR steam set 87-1019. Once all the decaling was done I gave the whole engine a coat of Floquil flat finish followed by some Bragdon weathering powders...George Dutka

The new number boards are added, the numbering changed and a coat of Floquil flat finish applied.
My re-detailed RS-3 heads over the causeway towards Middlesex Centre.

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  1. Gosh, if you're looking for a home for this engine.... I could use a B&M road unit for the White River Junction transfer work!
    Seriously - looks great!