Friday, 19 April 2013

Snapshot - April 2013

CP 4200 works a short freight through Northfield Falls.  This C424 model, based on an Atlas unit, was built by Charls Gendron.
Railfanning the White River Division 
in the 1980's

by Peter Mumby
photos by Peter Mumby

Many of you doubtless read George's recent post regarding a 1957 railfanning expedition on the White River Division.  He sure was pleased to catch those BM F-2s, but I was amazed at seeing any of his photos at all from that era.  He's either a lot older than he looks, or he was introduced to railways and f-stops when he was still wearing short pants.  At any rate, fast forward 25 or 30 years and George has once again taken his camera's to White River Country - and this time he took me along!  I guess urban renewal can't have been too big a factor in this part of New England.  Most of the structures you noticed in the earlier photos hadn't changed much in appearance - even many of the 1950s vehicles still seemed to be in place!  During our outing the sun shone down on us, and Lady Luck did as well.  We caught B&M trains operating with Guilford/MEC power as well as leased BAR units.  Central Vermont trains were using CN locomotives, but instead of the customary 9500s we found a pair of 5500-series GP38-2s.  MLW C424 units are regulars on CP trains in this area, but we had the good fortune to find class unit 4200 which had been constructed with RS-18-style fuel tanks.  It all made for a great expedition - an opinion I hope you'll share as the following photos unfold. 

BAR units perform some local work at Bellows Crossing.  These Atlas and Proto 2000 models, originally produced for our friend Luc Sabourin, have since migrated to Peter Mumby's collection.
This view of the tail end of a CP freight was lensed at the White River.  The van is a Rapido model straight out of the box while the 40' boxcars are based on Front Range models.  292516 was detailed and painted for CP-subsidiary Esquimalt and Nanaimo.
CP 3081 is on the approach to Bellows Crossing.  Sister unit 3050 was the 1000th locomotive produced at General Motors Diesel Division in London, Ontario.  This milestone was recognised at a GMD roll-out ceremony in June 1986 which was attended by many dignitaries, including David Peterson, the Premier of Ontario.
CN 5566 is temporarily delaying road traffic near Barnett, Vt.  This model was built from an Athearn "blue box" kit with the addition of a Canadian Prototype Replicas cab and a variety of Miniatures by Eric detail parts.  Sister unit 5560 (GMD 1973) was the first GM locomotive built for CN with the wide (safety) cab.  On CN these GP38-2s toil on today as 4700s, their original number series having been given over to the cowl-bodied SD60s.
 The White River never looked so good!  How could that fisherman ignore activity like that?       


  1. Is there any way to learn more about the C424 custom work, specifically the side bell and quad air filters?

    1. Hi Jason:
      I will pass your request along to Peter...George

    2. Hi, Jason;
      Reviewing that April 2013 post was a real blast from the past. Thanks for reminding me of that group of photos. It must almost be time for an encore.
      As mentioned in the article, CP 4200 was detailed by custom builder Charls Gendron. The parts in question would have come from Miniatures by Eric, a one-man operation which has been producing brass and plastic parts for 35 years. Just google "Miniatures by Eric Parts" to see his nicely illustrated catalogue of HO, O, and G scale details. Most are diesel details, along with a smattering of steam parts - and a few examples of wild life to boot. You would have a particular interest in:
      B12 bell, side mount, and
      F1 Alco 630 filter boxes.
      Hope this helps!

  2. I can't thank you enough gentlemen!