Sunday, 17 August 2014

CV Milk Train on the White RIver Division

I took this photo a couple of years ago before dismantling my causeway scene. A CV RS-3 is on the lead...which is a AHM model I detailed in the early 1980's that got a total overhaul a few years back and now is a DCC equipped engine...don't try this rebuild as I am not sure it is worth the was the first detailed engine I built for the CV way back then and I still wanted to keep and run it. The milk train this day is handling a mix of 5 milk cars. The B&M car second up is brass, there are two CV milk cars, a Whiting 40' and another that I don't remember its origin. The milk cars are a mix of RTR models I have added extra details to and kit built models. My CV caboose is a brass model that I repainted and lettered a couple of decades ago. I always add a conductor or brakeman to the platform of each caboose added to the fleet. This day the conductor is actually part of a Canadian crew from Juneco Models....George Dutka


  1. Really love this picture George! What a great scene - very inspiring