Saturday, 23 August 2014

Modelling an Abandoned Track

The WRD section crew are hard at work removing an abandoned siding.
One really does not needs all the tracks to be operative on a layout. We sometimes need just little bits of trackage to make a scene look right. I have done this last winter in numerous locations. On the WRD during last winters rebuilt a main line switch along with most of the main line track and roadbed was removed. I did leave about a foot of the roadbed near the old switch location in place as it would have been more work then it was worth to remove. I instead decided to relay a bit of the track and display it as an abandoned siding. I did have some track workers, rail bars, switch stand and tools that could be placed around the work site...I think it worked out well....George Dutka

I just used  leftover pieces of flex track, pulling some of the rails off and chalk weathering them all. I then glued them back at random angles next to the ties. The worker will do the rest.
An overhead view of this small scene. It took me two extra short evenings to finish this scene. One to lay the flex track and all the ballast and ground foam. A second to add the details and time was less than two hours.
The switch stand was the one used at the switch. Tools and barrels finish off the scene. I still need to find a frog to add near the main line.
The worker are Woodland Scenic models.

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  1. We are doing a scene like this on the Woodstock Clubs layout, wish we had of thought of adding the workers removing the rails, it sure adds more interest, nice job.