Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sawmill Detailing

An overhead view of the detailed Woodland Scenics sawmill. The workers are actually fire jumpers offered by Woodland Scenics that I picked up for a buck at a local flea market...they look good if I face them out so one can not see the backpacks.
Since I posted my Woodland Scenic sawmill I got motivated and decided to add a few details to the scene which took less than one hour to complete. I just took some details out of other scenes that are to be changed next winter. A simple update that happened while waiting for my wife to get ready for an outing...thought you might want a peek....George Dutka

I added a shovel some extra blades, a pail, cans, skid and garbage can. Most of the details are Juneco model parts.
The hobo decided to move away from all that racket and now has a perch on a rock behind the trees.
Seems they now have more lumber to cut and the finished pile is growing.

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