Sunday, 24 August 2014

Snapshot - August 2014

This is what one saw during the LPGA tournament hosted by CP if you went down to the CPR Quebec St. Yard. I took this shot holding my camera high over my head standing on my tip toes over top the fence...I must have looked like a fool.  It took me three tries to get this photo. The better angles for photos were in areas one could not go.
This past week the CP Women's Open LPGA tournament was happening here in London, Ont. at the London Hunt & Country Club. CP president Hunter Harrison is the host  behind this event. The last time it was held here at the Hunt Club, Hunter was president of the CNR with CNR the host. Anyhow they spent the last few months totally redoing the entrance to CP London yard and preparing a place for Hunters train. You note all the flower pots, pavement, lighting, green grass and so on...not things you normally find in a rail yard. All the signs are also new. The vintage units seen here are in pristine condition and the coaches also are in great shape. Unfortunately the public are not allowed on the property or near the equipment as security is at the entrance gate and most photos are taken from the gate or over top  the fence if you can lift your camera that high.....George Dutka

The last car on the train is ex-CNR. It was once the Sanford Fleming. My father in law once road on it for a week while on a inspection tour of CN's west coasts routes.
It would have been nice to get an up close look at these engines as they are in great shape. Last time I was down in this area all there was were tall weeds, old ties, rails and other yard junk. It now looks better than many of the parks found around town. Sure makes a difference when the company president spends a week here on his train.

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