Friday, 10 October 2014

CNR Boxcars on the White River Division

A trio of CNR boxcars as seen along the White River Division.
The Central Vermont Ry., a subsidiary of the CNR is one of the railroads I model. Since the CV handled a lot of CNR boxcars, a good size fleet of parent road cars are needed on my layout. It also appears the CV interchanged a large number of CNR boxcars at White River Junction, the main town and yard I model in the mid-1950's. So lets see what CNR boxcars I currently have on hand for interchange on the WRD and if I think I need more....ha ha you always need more...George Dutka

This boxcar is the most accurate model of a CNR boxcar in my fleet. I have two different versions produced by True Line Trains. It only got a light weathering job before being put into service on the WRD, a very nice model.

This is the oldest CNR boxcar in my fleet. It is an old Cox or Tyco car I built in the 1980's. It had new stirrups, door and guide, grabs, trucks and couplers added when redone back then. It is heavily weathered as back then I brush painted most of my rolling stock. The lettering is CDS dry transfers. It still looks good on the is the middle car in the first photo of this post.
This is the second most accurate car in my fleet. It is an InterMountain model which I gave an over-spray of boxcar red and some powder weathering. In this photo the boxcar is just out of it's package.
This car is an Atlas model which is actually just a re-vamped Branchline model. I covered it's construction in a post (Dec 11, 2012). For the price this car is a good fill in when one needs a big fleet of CNR boxcars.
I purchased this Branchline Trains, yardmaster series boxcar back in 2009 which is similar to today's Altas offerings. I did add cut levers, grabs and Kadee's before an over-spray of boxcar red was applied. Some chalk weathering is also used.
This is my other TrueLine Trains model. They are very nice cars and I feel worth every nickle one may spend on it. They look great. The down side is if you need a small fleet of these be prepared to sell off some of your retirement stocks.

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