Saturday, 25 October 2014

Coy's Garage - Hoosick, NY

A neat looking garage with a nicely weathered sign.
A Ghostly Sign
On our trip to Vermont this month we passed through Hoosick, NY and a stop at the interesting Big Moose general store at the crossroads. While my wife was inside I took some photos outside. Across the road I spotted an old garage which has a Texaco sign that has a ghostly or well weathered image (I call it that since it is now near Halloween) but what a neat look at a sign on a brick wall that is well worth modeling...not to mention the neat looking structure. Oh by the way the old B&M line is a stone throw away if one wanted to include it on a New England line....George Dutka

This weathered sign is great inspiration for such a project.
A straight on view of the main structure.

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  1. Very neat building. I'd like one more structure for the crossing in my freelanced town of "Everett" - this one may fit the bill!