Saturday, 11 October 2014

Westboro Fuel Rack

The Westboro fuel rack on my White River Division layout. It appears there is not much for the shop staff to do at the moment.
I took some photos once I was done constructing my fuel rack at the Westboro shop track last spring. I had enough views from various books that actually were close-up views, detailing the engines. These photos showed enough of the shop details for me to model the site pretty well. Thought I would share them with you....George Dutka

It was easy to figure out what was located at this location in Westboro as one could see close up part views in shop track photos of locomotives in for servicing...and in colour too. There always seemed to be a supply of brooms around for engines requiring one...or off engines with too many. Also found on site are MU hoses laying around the platform. I noted the fire hydrants were yellow at this location.
In some of the photos a blue pail was located next to the second fuel station. I decided to add it too. I used the passenger platform from my Atlas station model for the base. It was the only part left from a kit-bash of a Rutland station. Always like using everything up. Most of the hoses and lines are wire bent as need be. The ends fuelling connectors are parts from my engine detail box. I just picked pieces that looked similar.

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