Friday, 3 October 2014

Maybe a New Engine House for the WRD?

Don Janes B&M engine house is on my workbench while I decide how it may fit the White River Division.
Back in the summer Don Janes brought over the Bellows Falls frt. house which I had purchased from him. Well he also had a second box which held his B&M style engine house. He mentioned it would not fit his rebuild plans. He thought it might fit in well on my layout. I don't currently have a engine house and I always liked this one Don had. I have been toying with the thought of a 2 foot extension to my Westboro scene to accommodate this building. It could give me room for storing up to 4 more engines in Westboro if need be. When I held it up at the end of the two service tracks it actually lined up well. It just might work...will see. If so I was thinking of adding the salvage structure here along with a Bar Mills water tank I have to complete the scene....George Dutka

I took this photo of Don's engine house back in 2008 with my pocket camera. At that time it was still in use on the Green Mountain Division. Don scratch-built this model combining  photos he had of the North Conway, NH engine house and Dick Elwell's engine house views found in MR.
I held up the engine house at the end of the Westboro peninsula to see if it would work there. At Westboro the B&M had a large structure that is way to large for use on my layout. But a small structure such as this could fit in even if it does not follow the prototype.
I took this photo of Dick Elwell's engine house last fall during a layout tour. Although it had two doors only one is used since the engine house pit has been filled in. This model was inspiration for Don's model.

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