Saturday, 27 June 2015

RPM Collinsville 2015 - Model Display

Craig Zeni display of rolling stock at this years RPM meet.
At this years RPM meet the model displays I found to be very interesting and possibly better than last years. All scales and gauges could be found. I took a lot of photos of the models, unfortunately the displays facing the huge windows I had to pass on since they were back-lit due to the very sunny day. Trevor Marshall was on hand taking photos of many of the displays using his cool looking lightbox. Some of his photos might find their way into an upcoming RMC. I hope he will post a few on his blog at some point. This year set a record, 249 attended RPM 2015...George Dutka

Trevor Marshall's S scale boxcar.
Neil Scholfield displayed a couple of B&M engines and a caboose.
Randy Laframboise accurately scratch built a church found in Middlebury, Vt.
Wayne Sittner kit bashed this truck using the prototype photo below.
If one was looking for weathering effects there was a lot to see.
Craig Zeni had a very nice collection of vintage era rolling stock on display this year.
Another of Craig Zeni boxcars

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